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  • That Man is You! – Men’s Program

    Starting Thursday, Sept 17: 6:00-7:30 am

    Sign-up for this amazing 13-week fall program. The second series begins in January and runs through Lent.

    Learn more at the That Man is You TMIY Website.  Sign up and register at: or call Mike DiCosola 616-291-3341


  • Reboot! Live! Featuring Chris Stefanick

    A life changing event for the Parish and Family – Reboot! Live! is a high-energy, renewal event designed to bring a brand new energy and vitality to you and your Parish community.

    Where: Parish of the Holy Spirit

    When: November 4, 2015

    Who: 12 and older

    For more information and tickets visit:

  • Worldwide Marriage Encounter

    Why not celebrate the Year of Marriage by making your good marriage even better?  Attend a Worldwide Marriage Encounter to renew and enrich your marriage and your faith!  Upcoming weekends will be held August 7-9 at St. John the Evangelist in Fenton (you sleep at home or in a hotel), Sept. 25-27 at the Holiday Inn – Troy, and October 16-18 at the Saginaw Center for Ministry.  For more info or to apply, visit or contact Harry & Karen Porter at (888) 628-7433.

  • Living Your Strengths


    Don’t Delay – Class sizes are limited!

    Registration and Information for Adults

    Registration and Information for Teens



     Sunday, September 13th
    4:00—5:30pm Kateri Lodge

    Mandatory for ALL participants


  • Give Electronically

    A simple and convenient way to give.

    online giving photoConsider automating your regular donations with our electronic giving program.  Our Lady of Consolation relies on the financial generosity of the congregation and electronic giving offers an easy way to give on a recurring basis.   Link to our secure server.


  • Children’s Offertory

    child givingWant to participate in the Children’s Offertory Envelope Program at Our Lady? Each Sunday we invite our children to place their own gifts to God in the Offertory basket.

    Teach children the joy of helping others and giving to God out of gratitude for all that God has given to them!

    Click below to order envelops for your children!

    Comments from Parents

    To order envelopes for your children, click the button or contact the parish office.  Place your order

    Feel Good esp

    Grades PK – 2nd


  • Connect in Community – myParish App

    Enjoy sharing and exploring your faith with a positive social media tool!

    This new app for iPhone and Android smart phones will help us connect in community, grow in our Catholic faith and invite others to join in the journey.

    Explore the Features HERE!

  • Russo’s Reflections 09-06-2015

    The Gift of Labor As we celebrate the holiday weekend, many of us rest from our daily tasks and enjoy these last few days of summer with family and friends before the start of another busy school year. Labor indeed is a gift from God. We have heard it said, “Idle hands are the Devil’s… Read more

  • Kempf’s Compositions

    It was the beginning of our school year this past week. The beginning of the school year is always a time of new firsts. New teachers, students and lessons. I want to thank our teachers for their continued efforts to show the children how Christ is alive in our studies. Sometimes we forget that all… Read more

  • Russo’s Reflections 08-23-2015

    Welcome Back! I hope everyone had an enjoyable, relaxing, and fun summer. I enjoyed it immensely! Although the weather was cooler than normal at the start of the season, the barbecues were delicious, the church office was quiet and the summer gatherings were delightful. Summer is by far my favorite season and it is always disappointing to see it come to an end. Here… Read more

  • Kempf’s Compositions 08-16-2015

    Throughout John chapter 6 Jesus has been slowly bringing His followers into a deeper understanding of what is signified by the feeding of the 5,000. Jesus is preparing them to see the miracle as more than a physical feeding. He desires that they see Him as the source of spiritual life and nourishment just as… Read more

  • Kempf’s Compositions 08-09-2015

    I enjoy reading answers to questions and the opportunity to answer questions. My favorite thing about this is that my capacity for honest debate is increased. So there are two things that I found interesting this week, both have to do with context and content in Scripture. In the ongoing debate surrounding Scripture and what… Read more

  • Kempf’s Compositions 07-26-2015

    Summer has been slow moving and the perfect opportunity to reflect. This week I want to reflect on the idea of how I learned to invite people to Mass. I learned this from my own family; specifically when my dad or mom would ask a person if they went to church on Sunday. This always… Read more

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