Multi-generational Synod Listening Session

Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, recently called for a “Synod on Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment” to take place in October 2018. The first of three preparation stages began in January when Pope Francis wrote a Letter to Young People and the Vatican released the Preparatory Document with questions for reflection. Dioceses are asked to answer these questions, in consultation especially with youth and young adults, Catholic and non-Catholic.

This period of consultation provides a key moment for our own diocese. With Pope Francis as a bridge of trust, we hope that this effort will become a moment to encounter the youth and young adults in the communities throughout our diocese. We believe that to understand the experience of youth and young adults, we need to first deeply listen to them, to their hopes, dreams, struggles and challenges. We believe we need to also invite parents to share their reflections, so that we understand the broader context of the daily lives of youth and young adults in our diocese.

To help us do this, we are asking that leaders in all parishes do three things:

  1. Host at least one Listening Session: a multi-generational gathering, including parents, young adults ages 18-29, and high school age youth, ages 14-18.   Our Lady will be hosting ours on August 3rd, 6:30-8:30pm at Kateri Lodge
  2. Widely promote and distribute the online survey to all youth, young adults and family members.  Pope Francis asks us to reach out to both Catholics and non-Catholics. Parishes, schools, and groups are encouraged to identify ways to engage those not active in the Church in this process to better reflect the diversity of youth and young adults in our diocese.
  1. Participate in the online survey yourself.

Here are some other things that you may find interesting and important.

Thank you for your collaboration in this effort and thank you for your care of the young people in our diocese.

If you have any questions, or would like to help assist with the listening session, please contact Nickie Wentworth-Holton at