School Board of Directors Service Award Winner

Congratulations to Kevin Varner for being the 2018 recipient of the School Board of Directors Service Award!

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Statement from the School Board:

The School Board of Directors Service Award is given annually during Catholic Schools Week to the OLC school staff member who has been recognized by our families (with input from their children) and fellow staff members for outstanding service. The purpose of the Service Award is to recognize a practicing Catholic staff member who demonstrates exemplary Christ-centered behavior through excellence in service to OLC School. Service for this award is defined as the selfless giving of oneself to benefit others with no expectation of recognition, reward, or acknowledgement. The ideal award recipient would display a love and understanding of their Catholic faith; articulate a commitment, not just to performing acts of service, but to living a service-focused life; demonstrate awareness that their gifts are blessings from God; and provide evidence of their intelligence, humility, and leadership ability.

As Our Lady of Consolation School celebrates its fiftieth anniversary, it has never been stronger or more vibrant. This is due in large part to the outstanding leadership of Mr. Kevin Varner! He epitomizes the Servant Leader! Mr. Varner implemented educational practices that enriched the lives of thousands of students, shaped a school that better served their needs, and ultimately created a more loving and caring learning environment. He consistently and without hesitation puts the needs of students, staff, teachers, and parents ahead of his own. If there is something that needs to be done within the school, parish, or diocese, Mr. Varner leads the way. He can often be found at the school or the parish several nights during the week and also on many weekends throughout the school year.
While Mr. Varner is truly a shining example of a man following Christ’s call to serve others, the impact of his dedication and leadership have positively transformed our school! His efforts played a huge role in the tremendous growth we’ve experienced at OLC School.
There simply isn’t enough time to adequately describe the myriad of ways Mr. Varner positively impacted OLC School. But, it’s clear, OLC School has been transformed because of Mr. Varner’s leadership, dedication, vision, compassion, and love for children.