National Call-in Day for Dreamers

On Monday, Feb. 26, they are urging Catholics around the nation to call Congress in support of Dreamers.

If you have been following the story you will know that Congress has until March 5th to make a decision regarding the fate of people who were brought to America under the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” or “DACA” program. A legislative solution has not been found yet and last week Congress failed to pass legislation that would have provided protection.

We encourage you to ask your parishioners to participate at all Masses this weekend.

Here are the resources you need:
-Letter from Cardinal DiNardo (English | Spanish – not available online yet, but check here and it may be soon)
-Talking points from the USCCB that may be used in your announcements (attached)
-Detailed steps of how to call Congress on Monday (attached and here)
-The information has also been shared on diocesan social media today if you would like to ‘share’, ‘retweet’, or ‘like’ it from your parish’s page.

Download (PDF, 530KB)