Living Your Strengths

OLC LYS classes are held twice a year.

Specific dates and times will vary depending on schedules. In the small group classes, you will be able to further explore how your strengths and the strengths of others can all be used to buildup the Body of Christ. If you have ever wanted to learn what God is calling you to do or want to know how unique you are in the eyes of God, this class is perfect for you!

The purpose of Living Your Strengths is:
  • To discover our God given talents and how they operate in our lives.
  • To take steps toward recognizing and fulfilling a calling by becoming fully aware of the talents that God has given us—the ways in which we, as unique individuals, naturally think, feel, and behave.
  • To listen to God’s guidance and to develop our unique talents so they become strengths.
  • To understand and appreciate the talents of others’ and to see the importance of collaboration.
  • We have two programs specifically designed to meet it’s participants where they are currently at in God’ plan. We have the adult program called “Living Your Strengths” and we have a teen program called “Strengths Discovery”.

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