2015-2016 State of the Parish

Thanks to all of you, our parish continues to be debt free, and it is our goal to remain debt free.  This week’s bulletin contains our parish financial statement of activity for the year that ended June 30, 2016.  This statement indicates our receipts exceeded our expenses which was caused by an increase of over 9% in offertory collections and our continued focus on reducing our expenses by being more discerning in our purchases.

Please Click Here for the State of the Parish Explanation Sheet

Top Ten Blessings at Our Lady of Consolation

Number 10: We have two dedicated priests and a permanent deacon, who lead us and guide us to a deeper relationship with Christ.  We also hosted a seminarian intern last year during his discernment process.

Number 9: We have amazing staff and volunteers who support over 70 ministries within our parish.

Number 8: We are committed to providing financial support and volunteer ministry to our Ethiopia and Haiti programs, North Kent Service Center and aid to families in need and other charities throughout the year.  Our total giving last year was over $120,000.

Number 7: Our school is currently at capacity with over 300 students registered.  Our faith formation program also has over 525 students registered and also serves over 400 adults in our adult programs.

Number 6: The number of parish families currently registered with our parish has remained quite steady approximately 1700.

Number 5: Approximately 60% of our families have given to our Sunday collection and approximately 28% of our families have given to the Our Lady of Consolation Education Foundation through envelopes, online giving and other trackable means.

Number 4: We were able to make several improvements around the parish grounds this past year which are detailed in the hand out you will receive.

Number 3: We are growing and are moving toward an even more blessed future with more and more families becoming more active in our community.

Number 2: we have a clearly defined parish mission and vision that allows us to stay on course as we grow.

And finally, the Number 1 reason we are truly blessed is: We come together to celebrate the highest form of prayer, the Mass, 3 times each weekend and daily Tuesday through Friday.  We can also spend time with Jesus in the Adoration chapel 24 hours a day.

Thank you for your Support & Prayers

All of these blessings are supported by you, who give gratefully and generously of your time, talent and treasure to create a vibrant Parish and build the kingdom of God in our community and beyond.

We invite each of you to pray about, and challenge your individual stewardship, to start giving or discern your current giving, of your time, talent and treasure.  Please use your Sunday envelopes or consider giving on-line to allow for better tracking of our percentage of generous families within our parish.  Visit our parish office if you do not receive envelopes or have not registered yet as a parishioner.  Also consider volunteer opportunities and ways to serve.  Assistance for this can also be found at the parish office.

Thank you again for your time, your consideration and your prayers.


(Light Blue)Charity $122,407
(Orange) Faith Formation $249,002
(Grey) School $942,875
(Yellow) Church $447,649
(Dark Blue) Repair & Maintenance $194,093
(Green) Utilities $75,900
Total $2,031,925



(Green) Offertory

(Light Grey) OLCEF $510,900
(Light Blue) School Registration $311,747
(Dark Blue) Haiti $31,577
(Dark Grey) Special Collection/Donation $56,577
(Purple) Other Revenue $42,997
(Teal) Faith Formation $10,243
total $2,198,952


2015-2016 Building Improvements:

  • New Parking Lot paving
  • New carpeting in the commons & hallways
  • New LED exterior lights
  • New ceiling lights throughout the school & offices
  • Replaced the roof over the gym
  • Fixed the roof at Kateri Lodge
  • New water softener in the kitchen
  • New drinking fountain in the school hallway
  • New playground
    (in coordination with the parent association)
  • Removal of several deceased trees
  • Enhancements to the chapel
  • Lifted the sinking areas of the sidewalks

2015-2016 New Programs & Initiatives:

  • ALPHA for Catholics
  • That Man is You
  • Our Lady Youth Group
  • Formed.org


2015-2016 Sacraments & Services Provided:

  • First Eucharist & First Reconciliation: 93
  • Confirmation: 105
  • Marriages: 9
  • Baptisms: 66
  • Funerals: 28