Stephen’s Soliloquies 08-27-2017

Welcome Back Students!
It seems hard to believe that the summer months are now coming to an end. It is certainly a strange feeling for me, as for the past 22 years of my life, I have been preparing to begin another academic year. I have to confess that it is hard for me to hide my excitement that I do not have to return to school this fall. It’s awesome that I can remain here, with all of you at Our Lady, as your Associate Pastor. Two months of priesthood have been amazing, and it’s just the beginning! I look forward, with great joy, to the upcoming school year at Our Lady. I hope all of the students and young people had an awesome summer vacation and are ready as well for school to begin. I will certainly be available in the school and look to teach each of the grades periodically through out the school year.

Coming Soon:
Young Adults of Our Lady
One of the many blessings that I have received in my own faith journey has been the encouragement and friendship experienced with my peers. It is my hope to create this experience for the Young Adults currently involved at our parish. So, Our Lady is beginning its very own Young Adult group. The purpose of this group is to provide Young Adults with faith sharing, events, and ministries that strive to bring them into an encounter with Jesus and experience authentic Christian community. From this shared encounter, authentic Christian community can grow. When we come together for prayer, edification, and friendship, we find the fuel required to live out our faith in a public way. Rooted in parish life at OLC and the sacraments, this community of young adults will search and encourage one another to look for new and courageous ways to take the Gospel to the people of God wherever they are found.
Who: Young Adults ages “college age”- 30
What: Group for the “Young Adults of Our Lady”
Where: Kateri Lodge (West Side)
When: Thursdays (every other week) starting October 5th at 7pm – 8:30pm
Why? To provide Young Adults with faith sharing, events, and ministries that strive to bring them into an encounter with Jesus and experience authentic Christian community.
Hope to see you there!

Getting Acquainted
As a priest it is my task to help people come to encounter Christ; to know him to love him, as well as to be Christ to others. And that is something not just in church itself. That is why it is always a great joy when parishioners invite me to their home for a meal. It is a great opportunity to bring Christ to you in your home and in your lives. It gives me a great opportunity to get to know you and your family better and allow you to get to know me better. So please consider inviting your associate pastor to dinner. Get to know me, don’t worry about the mess of your lives; priests lives are messy, too! We grew up in families with siblings and relatives and it’s all part of the joy of life and bringing joy into that life, always and everywhere.

Fr. Stephen J Durkee