Russo’s Reflections 09-03-2017

Domestic Discipleship
I am pleased to announce a new parish wide program starting this fall.  The success of the Lenten Sunday night Alpha program is the catalyst for a new parish wide family catechesis called Domestic Discipleship.

You may be asking yourself, “Why is OLC offering another new program?” There are many benefits of parish wide family catechesis. Pope Francis encourages this method. In his book, Joy of Love, he says, “Family catechesis is of great assistance as an effective method in training parents to be aware of their mission as evangelizers of their own family.”

Domestic Discipleship will provide families of all ages a time and place to engage in their faith through hands-on activities. These evenings will help parishioners to understand their faith better and to deepen their relationship with Christ. As a community, families will have time to pray and learn about their faith while being present with each other.

By being a part of our parish and attending Mass you have acknowledged the desire to pass along your faith to the next generation. We realize in our busy society families have less and less time to spend together. Through Domestic Discipleship, we hope to provide the opportunities for our parish family to spend time together and have fun learning about their faith! This program is open to all parishioners.

The evenings will consist of:
♦ A potluck dinner and fellowship
♦ Hands on catechesis for all ages from DK- adult
♦ Take home resources to implement faith activities into daily life

How to be a part of the program:
♦ On-line registration through the Faith Formation tab on OLC’s web page
♦ Each month prior to the event a Sign Up Genius will go out to all parishioners

We ask that the parish prays for the implementation of this program and the staff as we take on this new endeavor.

The Gift of Labor
As we celebrate the holiday weekend, many of us rest from our daily tasks and enjoy these last few days of summer with family and friends before resuming another busy school year.

Labor indeed is a gift from God. We have heard it said, “Idle hands are the Devil’s playground.” Too much time on our hands can lead to boredom and sinful behavior because of our inactivity . Therefore, labor is good and a gift from God. All of us lead busy lives and strive to seek balance in all areas of our life, i.e. work, study, exercise, prayer, sleep, diet, etc.  As servants of Christ, we are also called to be busy in building the Kingdom of God here at OLC, especially in our relations with our family, friends and the surrounding community.

All of us are striving to live better lives by becoming debt free, planning for the future and providing for our families. Let us also continue to build up the Kingdom of God by seeking holiness, encouraging one another, spending time in the classroom of silence in perpetual adoration, spiritual reading and continuous giving of our time, talent and treasure.

Have a blessed and safe Labor Day weekend!
Fr. Tony