Natural Family Planning Classes Available

The great benefit of NFP is that it affirms the two goods of marriage – the  Procreative and Unitive aspects of marriage.  NFP encourages the unitive (friendship) aspect of marriage because it requires communication between the spouses to have the conversation regarding family planning. They can ask each other is this a good time to have a child?  Are there grave reasons that exist right now that suggest we should wait to have another child?

Thus, the art of shared decision making is perfected as couples continue to strive to reach decisions together, including areas of their sexuality and family planning. NFP also maintains the procreative aspect of marriage as NFP is fundamentally open to life, though couples can abstain during fertile times.  NFP helps make it possible for couples to be both open to life and abstain from having children “at this time” (this is what the Church means by responsible parenthood). Finally, NFP remains the only method that aids with both family planning and helping couples to achieve pregnancy.

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Our Lady of Consolation has 2 sessions available to our parish.
Registration is required to participate in order to get your materials.
Please watch the bulletin and current events for more information.

Fall Session:
Hosted by Mike & Marcia James
Class Dates: September 22, October 27, December 1
Sign Up Here or Call 800-745-8252

Spring Session:
Hosted by Ryan and Heidi Pohl
Class Dates: March 11, April 15, May 13
Sign Up Here or Call 800-745-8252