Parish Leadership

Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council serves the parish by praying, studying and listening to the pulse of the church and community. It actively participates by visioning, dreaming and planning for the long-range future of the parish and advising the Pastor in various matters.
Current council members include: Rose Bartlett, Donna Bartz (Secretary), Joe Beyer, Anne Connette, Eric Egeler, Dave Fischer, Dianna Hamman, Jeanne Hawkins, Roxanne Newton, Roberta Shripka, Dan Shutich, Chris Veltkamp (Chair), and Tom Williams

Finance Council

Finance Council consults with the Pastor and discerns how the parish can best meet the financial and material needs of the parish. The “General Operating” fund for operational expenses, including wages, is funded largely from Sunday giving. The “Facilities and Growth” fund is used for debt reduction on our buildings and major improvements.
Finance Council duties include developing the parish budget, overseeing spending in accordance with it, advising the Pastor on parish spending, and overseeing the annual appeal for the offertory collection.
Section 5C of the Diocesan Handbook states that “membership of the Finance Council is by appointment of the pastor after discreet inquiry with the Pastoral Council as to who among the faithful are well qualified for membership.”
Current council members include: Gerry Brom, Barbara Elkins, Pete Kruer, Clive Pereira, and Jerry Peterson

Stewardship Council

Stewardship Council is an advisory council to the Pastor. Stewardship Council reflects on the work of discipleship, stewardship and ecumenism. Stewardship Council, with the guidance from the parish mission statement and the solicitation policy, reviews parish programs, ministries and solicitations to encourage stewardship as a way of life.
Current council members include: Thom Arends, Ken Borowka, Marcia Borowka, SCott Gerow, Peggy Helsel, Mikle Palazzolo, Steve Ray, Andria Shephard and Thom Strausbaugh.

School Board

The purpose of the School Board is to serve as a consultative body that assists the Principle and Pastor in fulfilling the school’s mission as set forth in Article II.
School Board duties include long-term strategic planning, goal setting in line with parish and diocese, collaboration on Annual Educational Budget, coordination of Principle evaluation, consultation on facilities management and promotion in unity between the parish and the school.
Current council members include: Curtis Avison, Julie Birkeland, Drinan Gorney, Angelo Porcari, and Joel Stoner

Education Foundation Board of Trustees

Education Foundation Board of Trustees manages the business of the corporation. This includes financial oversight, marketing and fundraising.
We believe that it is vital to our church to provide religious education to everyone who desired it. The Our Lady of Consolation Education Foundation (OLCEF) makes this possible. The Foundation seeks to provide half of the funding for all parish educational endeavors, including Faith Formation programs, RCIA, and Our Lady of Consolation School. It is designed to be supported by ALL who see the value of providing quality Catholic education for children and adults at Our Lady of Consolation.
Current Board of Trustees includes: Bryan Galloway, Carl Hessler, Tim Maczka, Angelo Porcari and Tina Shutich