Altar Server Training Quiz


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#1- How early should you arrive to Mass?

#2- Where do you get ready for Mass?

#3- What is the rope called?

#4- Which of the following is not important when dressing for Mass

#5- Where should you be 5 Minutes before Mass starts?

#6- Who sets the reverent pace for the procession?

#7- What color ribbon should the book bearer open the book to?

#8- Which altar server will collect the children’s offering if a deacon is not available?

#9- What line should you follow when processing into the Sanctuary?

#10- What is important about corners and angles?

#11- For the opening prayer (collect), when should the Missal be brought up to the priest? (Ordinary time)

#12- When preparing the altar for the Liturgy of the Eucharist, the book bearer needs to bring up the Roman Missal and ...?

#13- What order should the vessels be presented to the altar?

#14- If you are only carrying one item, where should your right hand be placed?

#15- Who waits at the ambo to take the little pitchers from Father?

#16- After the altar servers have received Eucharist, what should one of them do?

#17- During the clearing of the altar, what should the altar servers be doing?

#18- When carrying the thurble, what should you do with it while walking?

#19- While altar servers are at their pew, how should they be presenting themselves?

#20- What is important to remember about being an altar server?

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