Author: Nickie Wentworth-Holton

2019 Steps of Faith

This year’s Steps of Faith walk-a-thon to raise money for our school will take place on September 28, 2019. Our last two walks have raised over $23,000.   It is our goal to raise as much money as we can to support the school budget.

The walk will take place here on the OLC campus.  Parents are welcome to join the fun.  All students will participate and will receive a complementary bottle of water, a t-shirt, and a popsicle at the finish line.  Parents may order a shirt for $10.

We are looking for sponsors to cover our expenses. Sponsor request letters went out today. If you know someone who may like to sponsor us, please let me know.

Now, the rest of the work is up to us!  Each family is asked to get sponsors.  Call on grandpas, grandmas, aunts, uncles, friends and co-workers.  Every dollar counts!  If every one of our 174 families PS – 8th raised $100, we would profit $17,400.  I challenge each family to do their best to reach that goal!

Of course, we are looking for volunteers to help out on the day of the walk. Our route will take us all over the OLC campus.  We want eyes on our students at all times.  Please let us know if you are available to help us.


Steps of Faith Planning Committee

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Most large corporations, and many smaller businesses, maintain a matching gift program for the cash gifts and in-kind gifts made by their employees.  Utilizing matching donation programs is a great way to double or even triple the amount of your gift to OLC School. Ask your Human Resources Director for information about the program where you work.

Sponsorships Available


Parish Picnic

Join us for our Parish Picnic on September 8, 12:30-2:30 (directly following the 11am Mass).

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Picnic Events:
Lunch- Hamburgers & Hotdogs and all of the fixin’s deliciously grilled on site by Andrew Cormier and other parishioners.

Kids games- Several elementary age games are going to be free to play and have prizes for our winners. Donated by Cordell Green.

Live Music- Randy O’Donnell, parishioner, will be playing guitar and singing all of our favorite songs throughout the entire event.

Magic- Russ Niedzwiecki will be providing strolling magic

SnoCones- Neil Buehler will be providing delicious snocones

Construction Tours- Tours of the education addition and rectory will be provided at specific times. More information coming soon.

Hot Air Balloon- ReMax has donated the usage of the hot air balloon for tour and fun. The balloon will not be launched due to liability and lack of adequate timing and space.

2019 Hearts & Holly Bazaar Crafters are needed

Our Lady of Consolation will hold its annual arts and craft show on Saturday, November 23, 2019.   The time is from 8am – 3pm.  You will be notified if there are any changes to this.

We restrict exhibitors from selling food, as we will be serving meals and holding our own bakeshop.

Your fee is $60.00 and includes an 8’ x 30” table if needed, two chairs and two complimentary drink tickets.  Space will be limited to 4’ behind and 2’ on each side of the table, unless special arrangements are made.  The space on each side of the table is shared with the crafter next to you.  Every attempt is made to honor location requests of previous exhibitors, but no guarantee is made to specific locations.  Crafters are requested to keep their booths open until 3pm.

Set up time is 6:30am on Saturday. Early set up is available on Friday, November 22, 2019 from 5:00pm-7:30pm.  A waiver must be signed when you check in that evening.  You will be responsible for your own table coverings.  We reserve the right to reject any objects we feel are of questionable taste.  You are responsible for your own taxes.


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Stop Dismemberment Abortion Petition

The dismemberment abortion procedure, also known as a dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortion, is frequently used during the second trimester of pregnancy.  In this procedure the abortionist, after preparing the mother’s body for the procedure, will use special tools to remove the limbs and organs from the unborn child while it is still alive in the mother’s womb.

In 2018, there were 1,908 D&E abortions performed in Michigan alone.  That’s more than 5 per day, every day, in our state.

The Dismemberment Abortion Ban was passed by both the Michigan House and the Senate and it was promised that it would be vetoed by Governor Witmer.  Michigan’s Constitution, however, allows the people to initiate legislation through a petition.  There is a significant advantage to this approach though.  Once the petition is accepted, the language of the bill cannot be changed by legislation nor can it be vetoed by the governor.

This petition drive, supported by Right to Life of Michigan, aims to ban dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortions and has the full support from the Michigan Catholic Conference and Michigan’s bishops.

Right to Life of Michigan needs to collect approximately 400,000 signatures to place this measure before the legislature.  Once collected, a simple majority vote will be required from the Michigan House and Senate, which have already approved the initial bill.

Although this law will only ban a specific procedure, banning this heinous form of abortion could save nearly 2,000 unborn children every year.

Over the next few months our parish, along with many other parishes in the area, in conjunction with the Knights of Columbus and Right to Life of Michigan will be facilitating collecting signatures for this petition.

Please take time to review this petition and learn more about how you are able to help save thousands of innocent children from abortion.

Learn more at:

Interested in helping spread the word?  Complete the contact form below.


Already completed the training?  Ready to pick your Petitioner dates?  Click Here.

Dave Hemmerly’s Story

“Who am I that the highest King, would welcome me, I was lost but He brought me in, Oh His love for me…”

The above lyrics are from the song, Who You Say I Am, by Hillsong. I have been listening to it during my travels, and these first few words hit home.

I was raised as a Methodist by my mom and dad, and as I grew older I migrated away from attending services.  As I got older I would justify not attending church with all of the same adages you have heard many times.   We moved to Rockford, June 30, 2013, and as I look back this was the beginning of my journey, even though I didn’t know it.

In the summer of 2014, I started to attend Mass with Lorraine weekly.  Lorraine likes to sit in the front.  As time progressed, I began to understand why.  I watched the Mass, the altar servers, their commitment to getting it right.  I remember when Dcn. Andrew Ayers was our intern and the way he helped them.  Giving thumbs up, I could read his lips telling them, “good job”. I was impressed how much these kids knew about the Mass.   I began to enjoy the reverence of the Mass, listening to the homily, the music and the choir (another blessing of Mass and how fortunate we are to have them), listening to the readings, how Deacon Jim in his homilies uses everyday issues and how to apply God’s teachings to them.  But still I didn’t get it.

Over time, I have had the privilege to meet four priests at OLC, Fr. Tony Russo, Fr. Darrel Kempf, Fr. Peter Damien, and Fr. Stephen Durkee.  They would tell me about their belief in God, how they would be willing to give their life for Him.  They would answer my questions and, at different times and ways, ask if I had ever thought about becoming a Catholic.  My answer was always the same – not now.  What I didn’t realize was the seed they planted.  The homilies started to have more meaning and attending Mass felt right I attended three ALPHA sessions …never said I was a quick study!   Each time the conversation and videos had more meaning; the fact that the Bible has been proven to be authentic.   I started to understand that being a good Christian didn’t mean telling people you believed in God and going to church once in awhile.  During the third class, Julie Foley gave me 10 CDs from Father Larry Richards.  Thank you Julie!  Listening to these CDs and others explain their stories and what helps them become stronger in their faith helped me realize how far off target I have been.

While working at the Veteran’s Home, I met two military veterans that I feel God used to talk to me.  One was the equivalent of a Deacon at his church.  He asked me if I read the Bible. I told him I did not because I could not understand the passages.  He came back in a few minutes with a Bible written in contemporary English.  He said if I had any questions to stop by his room and he would help explain it to me.  I didn’t think God could hit me a curve ball; guess I should have known better.  The second was a World War II veteran in his 90’s.   When I sat with him during his last days on earth, I noticed a plaque on the wall in his room.  It was his Catholic First Communion Certificate from 1936.  Of all his worldly possessions this was the one that meant the most to him and he carried it with him until he left for a better life.  God – 2, Dave – 0.

I have learned about three different holy issues.  The first being the Holy Spirit; I still struggle with this one.  I’ve had a few times where I feel I’m beginning to understand.  This is why I will continue to attend RCIA and learn more.  The second is Holy Moments.   Mathew Kelly explained how the little things can provide the largest returns and how, at times, we Catholics can make our religion too complicated.  Mowing a neighbor’s lawn, buying a veteran lunch, are ways to show people the compassion of our faith; To always be a good example and not be afraid to share our faith with others.   Although I have never been, I have been told the third and final Holy is Father Tony’s favorite: The Holy Smoke.

RCIA has been a rewarding experience!  The staff at Our Lady of Consolation is wonderful!   Their knowledge of Catholicism is impressive.  This includes all of the folks that lead our dismissal and sessions after Mass.  Amy Oatley has been the back bone of this journey.  I hope to someday have the knowledge and commitment to my faith that she has.  I also want to thank the parishioners of Our Lady that provided encouraging comments over the last nine months.   I have not always been sure this was the right thing for me to do.  Your words helped me focus.  You folks sure read a lot!   God – 3 Dave – 0!

I asked to receive my First Communion in May.  I did this because I wanted my son and granddaughters to be part of this day.  This is how important I now realize this day is.  I want them to see that having God in your life will make it better, more fulfilled, and more loving.  God blessed me with a wonderful son, and two loving granddaughters. For that I am grateful.  I have been married to Lorraine for 43 years.  She has been at my side during the good and bad.  She continues to honor the wedding vows we made in 1976. She is a fighter and has overcome many obstacles.  I have watched her grow in her faith. This has helped me during the last nine months.  You need to know that when we moved to Rockford she placed a green scapular under my mattress.  With her help, I know I can become more dedicated to my faith.  If I’m lucky God will allow us to grow older together!

Final score God 4, Dave Learning.  From my heart thank you Our Lady of Consolation Parish!

Dave Hemmerly

Welcomed to Christ’s Table on May 19, 2019



Attn Medical Professional Parishioners

We need your help!

Our Parish Health Ministry & Medical Supply Closet Ministry are both in need of new members and leadership.    Please see below  to learn more about each of these ministries or contact the parish office at

Parish Health Ministry

WHO: We are looking for Nurses, EMTs, Doctors, anyone who is qualified in the medical field to assist us with our monthly blood pressure clinics.

WHAT: Schedule, organize and manage blood pressure clinics at our parish after Masses seven times per year.

WHEN: You may schedule which weekend work best for you and for the ministry.  You personally do not have to serve each time.  Our hope is to have enough ministers for this ministry that they only must serve once or twice per year.

HOW: Are you interested in helping?  Please contact Lynn Weber at 616-469-9393 or or contact the parish office.

Medical Equipment Closet Ministry

WHO: We are looking for Nurses, EMTs, Doctors, anyone who is qualified in the medical field to assist us in managing our medical equipment closet.

WHAT: Our Medical Equipment Closet is a collection of medical equipment that can be borrowed by our parishioners.  Everything from crutches to bath chairs to walkers and wheel chairs.  The ministry is designed to allow our parishioners to borrow the items instead of purchasing them when insurance does not cover the entire cost.  Ministers of this ministry will organize, maintain and distribute the equipment we have available.

WHEN: Times vary depending on need, however as a minister of this ministry you would be able to schedule what time works best for you and the parishioner to meet.

HOW: Are you interested in helping?  Please contact Maureen Gaynor at or contact the parish office.