Coronavirus Update 06/23

Religious Freedom Week (formerly Fortnight for Freedom) begins June 22, the Feast of Sts. Thomas More & John Fisher, and goes through June 29. Join our U.S. bishops and Catholics across the nation to pray and act for the freedom to serve faithfully and with integrity “For the Good of All.”

All people are equipped with the desire to know their Creator. 

All people have a natural impulse to seek the good and to live in accordance with that good. Religious freedom means that all people have the space to flourish. Religious freedom is both an American value and an important part of Catholic teaching on human dignity. When we promote religious freedom, we promote the common good and in doing so, strengthen the life of our nation and the community of nations.

In our update from two weeks ago, the Board of Canvassers was in the middle of certifying signatures collected for the ‘End Dismemberment Abortion’ petition drive with Planned Parenthood challenging the validity of some of the signatures which were pulled as part of the sample.   

Last week, “the Michigan Bureau of Elections issued a staff report recommending that the Board of State Canvassers refuse to certify the Michigan Values Life petition drive to end dismemberment abortions. Their report claims there were not enough valid signatures in the sample of 500, suggesting we did not collect 340,047 valid signatures.” (RTL blog, 6/15/20)


Here is a link to the Bureau of Elections staff report.    

The Board of State Canvassers met on June 18 and voted unanimously to allow another sample to be drawn from the signatures collected as part of the Michigan Values Life petition drive.

The new sample will be larger based on standard procedures. 

Two Board members were concerned about the fact that “thousands of additional signatures [were] thrown out for “damage” by the Bureau of Elections, despite text on many of those petitions being totally legible.” 

The fight continues, keep praying for a successful outcome.

This month’s topic:

Staying Organized and

Preparing for What’s Next

Placing Christ in the center of our life allows for better planning and

organization, giving meaning and

definition to each day. Discovering the grace of each moment then

enables us to experience the blessings and joy of caring for another. Find how this path leads to being better

organized and more prepared.

Be nourished.  

Nourish is for anyone juggling the

challenges of life, health and career while

caring for a disabled child, an aging parent, grandparent, or spouse, either in your home, in town or at a distance. Nourish provides family caregivers practical and emotional supports, shared experiences and useful tools, all with a Christ-centered view.

Discover blessings in caring for another. 



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Fake Message from Bishop Walkowiak

If you received a message from Bishop Walkowiak recently through email, this email is a scam.

As you can see the email address ends in

Any official communications from the Diocese of Grand Rapids will come from an email address and emails from Fr. Tony or Fr. Andrew will come from an email address

Thank you so much!

Support our Sister
Parish in Haiti


On July 11, 2020 our Haiti Connection Ministry is hosting their 2nd Annual Golf Outing to support our sister parish in St. Jacques, Haiti.


There is still time to participate!

Volunteers, Sponsors and Golfers are all needed!   Really hoping for at least 2 more teams to play!

Become a “Tee Sponsor” for only $150!  We are also need of various gift cards in ranging values. 

If you would like to support our ongoing mission through this golf outing, please contact Richard Woodruff at