Coronavirus Update 07/07

Visiting the Church?

New Safety Procedures Effective July 10

An employee and visitor screening policy has been implemented in accordance with the policies of the Diocese of Grand Rapids.

Upon visiting the parish for any reason (other than Mass, Reconciliation or Adoration) all employees and visitors will be given a standard health screening.

Prior to Arriving to the Parish or School offices:

1- Please visit the Spectrum Health Covid Symptom Checker and complete the questions. 

2- At the end of the checker, you will receive a ‘green check’ or an ‘orange triangle’ indicting their current health status. You will present their cell phone to the staff member displaying the “green check”, and the staff member will take your temperature.  If you register a temperature below 100.4 degrees, they may enter the building. 

During the pre-screen, if you receive an ‘orange triangle’ you may not enter the building and should contact your health care provider.

We would recommend that you download the symptom tracker to your cell phone to help if you come to the school, faith formation or parish offices often. 

Current Mass Schedule

We have updated the Mass schedule to our long-term schedule. 


Saturday: 5PM
Sunday: 9AM* & 11AM
Monday: No Mass
Tuesday: 7PM
Wednesday: 7AM & 9AM*
Thursday: 9AM
Friday: 9AM


Wednesday: 7-8 pm
Saturday: 3:30-4:30pm

*Indicates it will also be live streamed on Facebook.