Coronavirus Update 6/9

During Mass on Sunday, June 7 (8:30am), Fr. Andrew spoke about the Five-fingered catechism for jail ministry during his homily.  Several parishioners asked us to share that catechism with you again.

1. The Son of God became the Son of Man. 

2. He came to save us from our sins 

3. So that we could call him brother 

4. So he could take is to his Father in the Spirit so he could call us sons. 

5. So we can look at each other and see children of God. 

Popularized by Bishop Mark Bartosic, auxiliary bishop in Chicago.

If you would like to hear Fr. Andew’s homily, please click the hand image above.  The homily starts at approximately 42 minutes.  

It has been a while since we have provided you an update on the End Dismemberment Abortion Petition Drive as everything has been on hold amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


In mid-May, the Bureau of Elections resumed counting petition signatures which were submitted as part of the drive.   

Right to Life provided this update in their blog:           

Yesterday, June 1, Planned Parenthood filed challenges to signatures for the Michigan Values Life petition drive.

To check the petition signatures, the Bureau of Elections (BOE) pulls a sample of 500 signatures, rather than checking all submitted signatures. If enough signatures in the sample are valid, the BOE will recommend the signatures be certified by the State Board of Canvassers. If not enough are found, another sample must be pulled to check. If far too few appear to be valid, the BOE will recommend against certification.   

Planned Parenthood has found that 435 of the 500 signatures are valid (87%), and is challenging the validity of 65 signatures.    

  • 448 or fewer valid signatures would lead to denial of certification. 
  • 449-464 signatures would merit a larger sample being pulled to check. 456 is technically the exact amount needed. 
  • 465 is the amount needed for them to recommend certification without having to check a larger sample.   

Michigan Values Life submitted 379,419 signatures on December 23, 2019. The Bureau of Elections eliminated 6,357 of those signatures for damage to the petition, i.e. tears, smears, stains, stickers on the back or front (a portion of those are possibly salvageable if needed). That leaves 373,062 signatures, technically meaning 456 signatures in the sample need to be valid for the petition drive to reach the legal requirement of 340,047 signatures.   

Had we submitted our goal of 400,000 signatures we believed to be valid, 435 would have been enough for certification. We collected more than 400,000 signatures but did not submit many that had mistakes.  

Now that the challenges have been filed, Michigan Values Life has the opportunity to “revive” each signature with a counter-challenge. The majority of Planned Parenthood’s challenges are potential non-registered voters, along with 21 signatures they say are duplicates (people who forgot they already signed it). If 30 of the 65 signatures are revived, the threshold of 465 will be reached. We can guarantee some signatures they challenged are valid based on very preliminary checks.  

The BOE has not yet set a deadline for counter-challenges to be filed. We will let you know when we have more details.    

Learn more at:


In less than a week, thousands and thousands of couples from over a dozen countries are going to be showing up to the Free online Catholic Marriage Summit (June 11-13). 

Over 60 other Catholic couples including Scott & Kimberly Hahn, Bobby and Jackie Angel, and Matt & Cameron Fradd will be sharing and going deep on the real issues of married life.  

Here’s just a small sample of the range of topics the summit will be getting into: 

  • Christopher and Wendy West… “The Marital Dance and How to Stay in Step with God’s Love Song in Joys and Trials” 
  • Andrew and Sarah Swafford…. “Do Catholic Couples Fight? Five Tips for Overcoming Negative Habits” 
  • Tim and Lara Kirk….“I Can’t Make You Happy: Taking Responsibility For Your Own Emotional Life For The Sake Of A Flourishing Marriage” 
  • Ryan and Kelly Breaux…“Grieving Together: Learning How To Grieve With Your Spouse After Miscarriage And Child Loss” 

This is going to be awesome!  

Register for FREE here!


get the ALL ACCESS PASS here.

(ALL ACCESS PASS includes access to live sessions and interviews with each couple about their various ministries, specific teaching content from them, and MORE!)

Encore Institute:
Seven Steps of Wisdom in Aging 

Thursday, June 11, 10-11:30am
With Rev. Ray Paget, Speaker with Holland Home

*This is a Zoom Webinar. You will be emailed a link and a password to participate. 

Please register at:
($10 donation requested. Click here.)

Despite society’s attraction to youth and youthfulness, being an elder adult has advantages that can only be realized by the life experiences of growing older. This presentation will help you better understand and appreciate the knowledge, wisdom, and practicalities of experience that can only be garnered and imparted through being an older adult.

Great Summer Reads!

Radical Optimism: Practical Spirituality in an Uncertain World
by Beatrice Bruteau 

Monday, June 22, 7:00- 8:30 pm.
Facilitated by Mary Kay Oosdyke, OP 

*This is a Zoom Webinar. You will be emailed a link and a password to participate. 

Please register by Thursday,
June 12 at:
($10 donation requested. Click here.) 

Sr. Mary Kay feels this is one of the most practical and profound books she has read on our relationship with God and others. It’s relevance to our current world’s reality and our personal life, make it a worthwhile read with plenty to take away. Join her as she discusses three main topics and three key understandings that will help us to be radical optimists in uncertain times.
*Reading the book is not required. Sr. Mary Kay will make some significant passages available to participants, so the group can process and discuss them together.