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Black and Native American Ministries

These two communities are diverse and important parts of the Church here in West Michigan.  Understanding the sacramental, spiritual, and material needs of each group and responding effectively to these needs across our eleven counties is accomplished through our Black Catholic and Native American Ministry Offices.

Your CSA gifts help support this important work of outreach and formation to our black and indigenous brothers and sisters in Christ.


Your contribution to the CSA supports evangelization and catechetical efforts that lead thousands of adults, children, youth, and young adults to become joyful missionary disciples. The Gospel encourages a deepening relationship with Christ, formation in Catholic teaching, a powerful witness to and sharing of the Gospel; the Office of Faith Formation makes these efforts possible.

Supported by contributions to the CSA, the Parish Ministry and Catechetical Conference provides formation for more than 500 parish ministers. This annual event is open to all who want to grow in their knowledge of the Catholic faith or develop their ministry skills.

Parishes forge relationships with parents through the Strong Catholic Families initiative. The process develops a common vision of sharing strengths to reinforce the developing faith of the family and to build a great Catholic community.

Strengthening our Catholic community includes welcoming all children and youth in catechetical and youth ministry programs. We assist parishes in opening their doors to persons with disabilities, and their families. Strategies, best practices and resources exist that support the inclusion of diverse learners into the full life of the Church.

The Catholic Foundation of West Michigan

The Catholic Foundation of West Michigan has supported schools, parishes, and ministries in our Church of West Michigan since 1995. Available distributions for 2018-19 were more than $2.2 million in support of Catholic education, faith formation, vocations and social service programs and services that sustain and enrich the lives of those in our diocese.

In this past year several new parish, school, and ministry funds were added to the already existing 189 funds. With assets totaling over $62 million, The Foundation is a reliable, consistent source of funding to our mission as a Church.

Thank you for your generous support of the Catholic Services Appeal; your contribution helps to underwrite a portion of the administrative costs associated with growing The Foundation. Your gift helps ensure a permanent source of funding for diocesan programs and ministries today and in the future!

Catholic Schools

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Grand Rapids are an alliance of 31 vibrant learning communities (26 elementary and five high schools) serving more than 6,340 preschool through 12th grade students. Our schools inspire young people to grow in Catholic faith and grace, achieve more in school and life, develop creativity and character, and feel welcomed and cherished.

Your CSA gift helps fund the Office of Catholic Schools, which provides shared services, scholarships, training, curriculum, evangelization and outreach. The office also coordinates the “Catholic Schools: Bridging Faith and Future” strategic plan, a living roadmap to continually enhance our educational ministry and expand our reach to more and more families.

The Church in Latin America

Many of our sister churches in Latin America are desperately poor and greatly benefit from the assistance we are able to provide out of our abundance.  The urgency of basic religious services and administration of the sacraments to millions of our Latino brothers and sisters are accomplished through our help.

Your CSA gifts help support this important work of charity and formation to our brothers and sisters in Christ in Latin America.

La Iglesia en América Latina

Muchas de nuestras Iglesias hermanas en América Latina son comunidades extremadamente pobres y se benefician en gran parte de la asistencia que podemos proporcionar desde nuestra abundancia. La urgencia de servicios religiosos básicos y la administración de los sacramentos a millones de nuestros hermanos y hermanas Latinos se realizan gracias a nuestra ayuda.

Sus donativos a CSA apoyan esta importante labor caritativa y formativa de nuestros hermanos y hermanas en Cristo en América Latina.

CSA Rebates

Your parish receives 100% of the money raised over your parish CSA assessment. This money is earmarked for your vital local ministries and projects.

Last year over $850,000 was rebated to our parishes!

These rebates help fund vital ministries at the local level and also assist parishes with important building projects.

Deposit and Loan Program

This revolving fund provides parishes with a safe, secure, professionally-managed home for their surplus dollars at a competitive rate of return.

At the same time, parishes that have a need to borrow for capital projects can access this fund through a line of credit.

Your CSA contributions provide the administrative support necessary to keep this important program available and accessible to all our parishes.

Help Beyond Our Borders

Your support of CSA helps fund the following national and international appeals:

Black and Indian Missions Office

Catholic Communication Campaign

Catholic Home Missions Appeal

Catholic University of America

The Church in Central and Eastern Europe

The Church in Latin America

The Holy Father (Peter’s Pence)

The Holy Land (Works of Mercy and Sacred Shrines)

The Holy See

US Conference of Catholic Bishops

Through your generosity we were able to contribute over $340,000 to these worthwhile causes last year alone.

Hispanic Ministry

Our Church throughout the United States and here in West Michigan is in the midst of tremendous growth due to immigration of Hispanic/Latino Catholics which is enriching our local Church.

Our Hispanic Ministry Office helps meet the spiritual and material needs of the permanent and migrant communities across our eleven counties. It also helps us better understand ourselves as a universal Church with multiple cultural backgrounds as we respond together to this challenge of growth.

Your CSA gifts help support this important work of justice and formation with our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters in Christ.

Ministerio Hispano

Nuestra Iglesia a lo largo de los Estados Unidos y aquí en el Oeste de Michigan está creciendo tremendamente debido a la inmigración de Católicos Hispano/Latinos, lo cual está enriqueciendo a la Iglesia local.

Nuestra Oficina para el Ministerio Hispano ayuda a satisfacer las necesidades espirituales y materiales de las comunidades de residentes y de migrantes a lo largo de nuestros once condados. También nos ayuda a conocernos mejor como Iglesia universal, en medio de nuestra diversidad y en la medida en que respondemos juntos a este desafío de crecimiento

Sus donativos a CSA apoyan esta importante labor de justicia y formación con nuestros hermanos y hermanas en Cristo Hispano/Latinos.

Live broadcast of Mass from the Cathedral of Saint Andrew

For more than 60 years, the Diocese of Grand Rapids has provided a televised liturgy to thousands of people who are homebound, hospitalized, and incarcerated.

This makes the weekly broadcast of Sunday Mass from the Cathedral of Saint Andrew one of the longest-running live televised Masses in the nation. The broadcast is only made possible through your support of the Catholic Services Appeal and the generosity of private donors.

The 10 a.m. Sunday Mass can be viewed live and on-demand on the diocesan website (GRdiocese.org), and on Facebook (Diocese of Grand Rapids). In addition, it is broadcast live on television each Sunday on FOX 17.

Peter’s Pence

Each year, the Holy Father asks us to be generous in supporting the special works of charity and mercy that are particularly close to his heart.

A portion of your CSA gift is added to the offerings of millions of others throughout our nation and around the world in helping Pope Francis advance this special apostolic ministry.

Priestly Vocations

Attracting men to the priesthood is critical to the future of our Church.  The Office of Priestly Vocations is at the forefront of this vital effort. This diocesan initiative invites potential candidates to prayerfully discern their calling to become a priest and introduces them to the joys as well as the challenges of the formation process and ordained life. Currently there are 26 men in formation for the priesthood.

Your CSA support underwrites this crucial mission to attract more men to consider a calling to serve the Lord as a priest.

Prison and Jail Ministry

The Prison and Jail Ministry establishes and maintains Catholic religious services within 22 correctional facilities located in our 11-county diocese, as needed. This ministry has more than 150 active volunteers, including Bishop David Walkowiak, lay men and women, priests, and deacons. Through these volunteers, we offer 45 weekly services, including Masses, Communion services, RCIA classes, and prayer services. These services are held in seven prisons, four county jails, and three juvenile detention centers.

In addition to our services offered inside correctional facilities, we now offer spiritual support and programming for those returning to society through our new re-entry outreach ministry called GROW (Guiding Returning Citizens to Our World). GROW helps break the cycle of recidivism by educating parish communities on the spiritual needs and concerns of returning citizens and their families. GROW helps create welcoming faith communities through building awareness and relationships. This past year, GROW welcomed five men returning from incarceration and helped guide them to a faith community. GROW’s Panel Discussion titled Why Welcome All presented at numerous parishes to educate their community on reentry. Panelists include a returned citizen, a prison reentry and parole liaison officer, and the Michigan Department of Corrections coordinator for Offenders Success.

Your CSA gift helps support this outreach effort to our incarcerated brothers and sisters, who desire to begin, strengthen, and walk further in their Journey with Christ and His Church.

Protecting God’s Children

Maintaining safe environments for everyone, especially our children, in our parishes and schools is of paramount importance.

Our safe environment program holds safe environment training for all staff, all educators, and our volunteers working with Children, using VIRTUS Protecting God’s Children; trains students in our Catholic schools using VIRTUS Empowering God’s Children; oversees and conducts background checks of staff, educators, and volunteers; and forwards allegations to the proper civil authorities and a diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator.

The signing of the Standards of Ministerial Behavior is intended to provide clear standards of behavior and a blueprint for the boundaries appropriate in all interactions with children and young people.

Virtus training, regular background checks, and the signing of the Standards of Ministerial Behavior are all diocesan and USCCB Charter requirements and overseen and audited by a diocesan Director of Safe Environment.

Your CSA gifts fund this vital effort at keeping our most vulnerable safe.

Seminarians in Service

Service to God and the Church is the essential mission of our seminarians that work in parish settings.  These men are assigned to churches across our 11-county diocese.  They also richly benefit from the opportunity to train alongside our current pastors and interact with the faithful.

Your CSA support provides for their continuing education and management for these special workers in Our Lord’s vineyard.

Seminarian Support

Our men in formation for the priesthood represent a critical aspect of the future of our Church.  They carry our prayers for their virtue, health, and well-being, but they also are assisted financially as they undertake a rigorous program of seminary education and internship in our parishes.  Your CSA donations are currently used for the education costs of 26 seminarians.

Your CSA support makes this essential formation possible and is a crucial investment in our faith and our parishes.

Social Services

At Catholic Charities West Michigan, we know that we are never far from a neighbor who needs our love — the poor and needy, the hungry and homeless, people struggling with addiction, in need of counseling, and others who are marginalized by society. This is why Pope Francis referred to Catholic Charities as “the engine of the Church that organizes love.”

When you give to CCWM, you are serving those who are most in need and truly changing lives for the better. Last year alone, we provided more than 150,000 meals to the hungry, solution-based & family preservation programs to 2,100 families, and looked after 300 children in foster care, on a daily basis. Your CSA contribution helps give us the opportunity to make a mark on people’s lives, provide a hand up, and offer them a chance for a brighter future.

Stewardship Formation


The Office of Stewardship provides an abundance of stewardship resources on the diocesan website, distributes a monthly Stewardship eNewsletter, and staff are available to speak on the topic of stewardship at parish and organization events.

Thank you for your support of the Catholic Services Appeal!  Your gracious gift helps to support the Office of Stewardship in its mission to promote, within the Diocese of Grand Rapids, a lifestyle of generosity—giving of our time, talent, and treasure as Christ taught us.