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    The following information may be helpful as you prayerfully consider your pledge to Our Lady of Consolation Education Foundation.

  • The annual pledge period is 12 months long and runs from September 1 through August 31.
  • Approximate total yearly educational costs:
    $4,400.00 per child attending Our Lady of Consolation School
    $100.00 per person for each Adult Bible/Book Study, RCIA, Adult Formation Sessions, Vacation Bible School, Preparation for Sacraments
    $830.00 per child attending weekly Faith Formation programs.
  • Our Lady of Consolation Faith Formation programs are funded in a significant way through the Our Lady of Consolation Education Foundation (OLCEF). The goal of the OLCEF is to pay half of the funding for all parish education endeavors, including Faith Formation. You are asked to prayerfully consider making a pledge of 50% of the amount listed above.
  • To understand what is included in the above estimates, please click here.
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    Parents are asked to consider a Gospel tithe model for sacrificial giving. Such a model might be 5% to OLC Church, 1% to CSA, 1% to OLCEF and 3% in other gifts. This Foundation covenant encompasses only the Foundation portion of the tithe. This model emphasizes equal sacrifice not equal giving. Those who earn more can give more so that those who earn less can still afford a Catholic education.

    No minimum pledge amount is required. Even with a pledge of zero, parents are expected to comply with the non-financial components of the covenant.

    Donations to OLC Education Foundation are considered charitable contributions for tax purposes in accordance with an IRS letter of July 6, 1993. Donations to OLC Education Foundation can be made in one lump sum donation or made semi annually, quarterly, or monthly.

    Any pledge made is considered to be the parents’ good-faith intention of giving to the Foundation. A pledge is not a legal obligation. Unforeseen situations may make necessary modifications to the pledged amounts. Please notify the parish office if you need to adjust your pledge.

    Pledged amounts may be paid by third parties, e.g. grandparents. Use of company matching fund programs is encouraged. Activity & Retreat fees are not part of the pledge, but may also be paid through the electronic credit/debit card process. Electronic giving is the preferred mode of payment for pledges.

    The OLCEF is a giving-based program that enables us to offer Catholic education to all members of our parish regardless of their financial means. The OLCEF supports programs from Senior programs down to children programs. The intention of this Foundation is that it is funded with support from all members of our parish, even if they do not specifically have children in the elementary programs or school. It is only through continued sacrificial support of our entire parish community that we are able to provide the benefits of the OLCEF and enhance our Catholic education efforts for years to come.

    I have read the above listed information concern the Our Lady of Consolation Education Foundation.
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