Faith Formation Registration Landing Page

Welcome to the Faith Formation Registration Landing Page.

2018-2019 Registration Fees: $75 per student or $100 per family

Thank you for your dedication to your child’s faith growth!  This page is intended to help you streamline your family registration by listing the steps you need to take to complete the registration for your child in  Elementary through High School student registration.  Please read before proceeding to the registration process.

  • The total registration process should take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete.
  • If you must step away from completing the form before finishing, please do NOT close the window of your browser.
  • Step 1 through Step 4 do not have time-out options on them, however Step 5 & Step 6 will time out if you do not process your registration within 120 minutes.

Having Trouble? Please contact the faith formation office immediately so we are able to assist you.  Phone: 616-866-2577

List of items to gather before you start:

Before you start the registration process, please gather the following information in order to ensure that your registration process proceeds smoothly.

  • Baptismal Certificate (if your child was not baptized at Our Lady and we do not already have a copy on file)
  • Medical Insurance Card
  • Name, Phone Number and Address of Physician
  • Bank Account information (only if you plan on giving online)

Description of Registration Process

When you click the start link below, the registration form will open in a new tab so you are able to quickly refer back to this page if needed.

You have 6 steps to complete your registration.  Each step should take only about 5-10 minutes to complete.

Step 1- Handbook and Procedure Form
This form is required for all students, however we understand that only Faith Formation elementary students will be signed in and out of class. Additional information included on this form is required for all students who participate in any faith formation program though.

Step 2- Parental Covenant
This form includes the medical release, the media and electronic communication release and the overall parental covenant.

Step 3- Volunteer Opportunities
As per the parent covenant, this form gives you the opportunity to volunteer for the 10-20 hours of service in our parish for this year.

Step 4- OLCEF Pledge Form
This pledge sheet is to make a record of your intended pledge to the Our Lady of Consolation Education Foundation. Pledges of any amount, including zero ($0), must be recorded in our parish data system.

Program Registration
This is the final step to enroll your child(ren) in classes.
You only need to completed the starred (8) items unless your information has changed since August 1, 2017

Online Giving
Your family has the choice to schedule online giving or to give traditionally through envelopes. If you choose traditional giving, please close this window and you have completed your registration.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions