At Our Lady of Consolation, we have a dynamic youth ministry program designed to engage and encourage teens to their greatest potential as an active Catholic teen. Our programs are designed to help teens and parents grow together in faith and inspire teens to continue their Catholic faith into adulthood.

We have three programs that happen simultaneously.

Middle School Youth Ministry

Coordinator: Josh Hanson jhanson@olcparish.net
Our Middle School Youth Ministry program is designed to help middle school teens (grades 6-8) answer questions that are important to them while allowing them to actively participate in their faith throughout our entire community. Following the LifeTeen program, we discuss how the Catholic faith directly relates to a current middle school teen and allows teens to experience Jesus Christ in an extremely profound and personal manner.

High School Youth Ministry

Coordinator: Nickie Wentworth-Holton nwentworth@olcparish.net
Our High School Youth Ministry program is designed to help high school teens (grades 9-12) engage in their Catholic faith directly in their daily lives. We understand that high school is a difficult time for many teens and they are constantly having to address questions and situations that effect their faith. We provide excellent opportunities for the teens to bring these situations to the group so we are able to help them answer them within the precepts of our Catholic faith. We also know that high school is a time in which teens are being asked to defend their beliefs, so we incorporate several aspects of Catholic apologetics in order to give them the answers that they would need to give to others.

Our Lady Youth Group

Our Lady Youth Group is a program designed for all Catholic teens (grades 6-12) which monthly addresses specific hot topics that are important to our teens and our community (for example, abortion and suicide). Together we all address these topics in a unique (non-threatening) format while allowing for age-appropriate discussions within their small groups. Our youth group also has a monthly Christian Service Project and a monthly social event. Watch the bulletin and events section of the website for upcoming events.