Holy Week 2020 Growth


The perfect time to grow in faith!

Holy Week is the perfect time for you to grow deeper in faith and more in love with Jesus Christ. Many digital opportunities have become available this year for free due to our unique situation.

Browse the options below and prayerfully consider participating in one or more this week!

Be the Hands & Feet of Christ

Reach out to your neighbors!

During this time that we are all SAFE at home, we need to be deliberate in being a Christian Family!

We need your help!

Just as Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, we need to lead by serving.

We want to make sure our entire parish is safe, aware of the Spiritual Communion (Facebook Live Faith) that we are offering and has someone praying for them.

Reach out to your parish friends, call your neighbors, contact the members of current and former small groups.  These people are your brothers and sisters in Christ.

If you learn of a parishioner who has needs that you are unable to assist with, please reach out to the parish office to see what resources are available.

Please note: At this time North Kent Connect is not able to accept food or other donations.  Please do not drop off donations at the parish until further notice.

Virtual Catholic Conference

No Cost!

This weekend, April 3-5, over 60 of the best known and effective Catholic speakers and evangelists will be presenting at The Virtual Catholic Conference. There is one conference for men, and another for women.

This online event is offered at NO COST! Register here.

The list of presenters for the men includes:

  • Fr. Mike Schmitz
  • Jason Evert
  • Fr. Larry Richards
  • Jeff Cavins
  • Damon Owens
  • Matt Fradd
  • Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
  • Steve Ray
  • Christopher West
  • John Sablan
  • Bill Donaghy… and so many more!

Over 18,000 people have already registered to get access to The Virtual Catholic Conference.

There is a women’s event as well, so please forward this email along to any man or woman that may be interested.

RISE is a sponsor…we hope to see you there!

During this stressful Lent, when many are confined at home, unable to attend church, and life feels very different, we are offering a free non-credit continuing education course to anyone who wishes to enroll. We invite you to take one of the two online courses below at no cost through April 12th.

Introduction to the Gospel Message

Christian Prayer

Click on the course title to enroll, and be sure to enter promo code CDUGIFT20 to receive this special offer.

We are sure you will enjoy this opportunity to learn more about the Faith from the convenience of home. Be assured that we are praying for you.

Introduction to Scripture and the Gospel Message (SCRPT-N004 , 1 CEU)

Introduction to Scripture and the Gospel Message provides a basic overview of Sacred Scripture that is advantageous for all adult Catholics, but was developed primarily for catechists. The content focuses on the Church’s principles for Biblical interpretation as explained in concrete examples drawn from the New Testament as well as a brief discussion of the benefits and shortcomings of both the ancient and modern approaches. Students will also be introduced to the Gospels and Letters of St. Paul as the fulfillment of Israel’s story in Christ and the implications for Christian doctrine and discipleship. Those who complete this course should be able to appreciate more fully the Biblical narrative as alive for themselves as Catholics and consequently, for all those that will benefit from their teaching.

Christian Prayer

(THEO-N008-2 CEU’s)

This course (formerly 306-0804) examines Pillar Four of the Catechism which invites students to make the objective realities of doctrine, worship, and life in Christ an integral part of the personal relationship all Christians are invited to have with the living God. Students who complete these four inspiring lessons will be given new understandings to help them adapt their own way of praying so that it transforms their relationship with God. They will be able to relate prayer to living the Christian life, to explain the revelation of prayer in the Old and New Testaments, to trace the development of prayer in the Christian tradition, to identify ways of overcoming obstacles to prayer, and finally to summarize the main truths that are contained in the Our Father.

Praying, working, and ministering from home can be a big adjustment. Our upcoming webinars are here to provide tips and resources to help you adapt.
Reminder: Even if you can’t attend the live session, still register for the event and you will receive a recording after the webinar is completed.

See below for upcoming webinars and visit our resource page for prayer guides, tips on managing stress, and more.

Celebrating Holy Week at Home
Celebrando el Samana Santa en Casa

English Session: Monday, April 6 at 1:00 pm ET
Sesión en
Español: Lunes, 6 de abril, 3:30 pm ET

We know this is a difficult time for us to be at home and isolated during the most important liturgical time of the Church. This webinar hopes to help families, and those who accompany them, be able to celebrate and pray these liturgical moments from home.

Durante esta época difícil, no estamos solos. Para poder celebrar la Resurrección, primero tenemos que llevar la cruz. Con este webinar, esperamos ayudar a las familias y a todas aquellas personas que acompañan a los jóvenes a orar y celebrar esta época litúrgica desde sus hogares.

English – Register Here >
Español – Registrese Aqui >

Families at Home: Managing and Working Amidst a Stay at Home Reality

When: Tuesday, April 7 at 2:00 pm ET

This NFCYM all-access webinar will address some of the key issues, concerns, and opportunities that families face as more and more people are required to shelter in place and work from home for the near future. We will also share some best practices in keeping families healthy, holy, and sane, along with resources and strategies for facing Spring Break and end-of-school scenarios.

Register Here >

Questions, Comments or Concerns?

If the parish office can be of assistance to you in any way, please feel free to use the button below to reach out.  You may also call the parish office at 616-866-0931 during normal business hours.