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We are excited to have you be a part of our ministries here at Our Lady of Consolation. We invite you to contact us at any time if you have any issues or concerns. Parish Phone: 866-0931 EMAIL

Fellowship Ministries


Band of Brothers

Mike DiCosola EMAIL 291-3341

Time Commitment: Minimum 1.5 Hrs Weekly
The Band of Brothers is a men’s ministry organization dedicated to serving the spiritual development needs of men in our parish. The Band of Brothers offers fellowship and camaraderie through which men are encouraged and supported in their efforts to courageously live out their faith. We challenge all men in our parish to join us as we seek to deepen our relationship with Christ, our wives, families, church and communities.
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Fellowship Committee

Katie Lawrence EMAIL 874-3789
The fellowship Committee plans several fellowship and/or formation events each year. If you enjoy organizing, hospitality and/or decorating, please consider giving your time and talent to the planning teams of special events. For the entertainer or creative person, this ministry would be a great fit!
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Men’s Basketball

Matt Cable EMAIL 616-893-5431
Eric Fischer EMAIL 517-230-8342
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Parish Library

Kathleen Gnanasekharan EMAIL 616-334-6372
The Parish Library provides materials that are consistent with the Catechism of the Catholic Church to help expand our knowledge and deepen our faith in Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church. The Parish Library is open after both Sunday Masses the first and third weekend each month.
To search the library, click here. For a complete book list, click here.
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Women of Our Lady

Jenna VanderHyde EMAIL 616-566-5545

Time Commitment: Mon. AM 9-11 Tues PM 7-9
A study group for all ladies called blessed is she. Monthly special events with guest speakers

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Hospitality Ministries


Ministry Led Parish Hospitality (Coffee & Donuts)

Parish Office 866-0931
Time of fellowship is available after the 9 and 11 AM Masses. Servers prepare, serve, and clean up. Able to set your schedule preferences through the schedule above. If you are interested in more information, please submit the Interest Form. Hospitality Schedule is located at the top of this page.
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Parish Hospitality

Rose Bartlett EMAIL 616-485-3805
This generous committee provides food and gracious service for parish-wide and committee events.
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Welcome Committee

Kathleen Gnanasekharan EMAIL 213-291-9824
Time Commitment: 1-1/2 hours (including Mass & Tour)
This committee is responsible for making connections to new parishioners and provides opportunities and education to existing members. If interested in actively assisting or for more information please contact us.
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Welcome Table

Parish Office 866-0931
These volunteers are the face of the parish during the weekday evenings and during weekend Masses to assist and answer questions. A working knowledge of parish operations, departments.
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Liturgy and Worship


Altar Linen Cleaning

Dianna Robach EMAIL 616-550-2986
Volunteers take care of linens used at the Masses. One initial training session is required.
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Altar Servers

Cindi Knudsen EMAIL 866-7412
Altar servers assist the priest during the sacred liturgy. Servers must have completed the 4th grade and complete a training session. Servers are scheduled using the Ministry Scheduler Program located at the top of this page.
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Art & Environment

Mary Harkema EMAIL 866-0931
Time Commitment: Occasion decorating approx. 8-10hrs
Interior designers, seamstresses, artists, architects and those who enjoy decorating, plan and prepare the worship space and surrounding areas of the church.
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Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

Deacon Jim Hessler EMAIL 616-326-5610
Time Commitment: 6 hours annually
Assist with the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ. Volunteers must be at least 16 years old. If you are interested in more information, please submit the Interest Form. Ministry scheduler is located at the top of this page. Please click here to view the training slide show.
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Parish Office 866-0931
Greet both parishioners and guests at weekend celebrations and at parish-wide events. To express interest in this ministry, please complete the Interest Form. Ministry Scheduler is located at the top of this page.
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Mike DiCosola EMAIL 866-0931
Volunteers must be at least 16 years old. Please click here to view the training slide show. Ministry scheduler is located at the top of this page.
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Jeanne Hawkins EMAIL 616-874-1499
The Sacristan is responsible for the preparation for Masses and other Liturgies. Volunteers must be at least 16 years old. If you are interested in more information, please submit the Interest Form. Ministry scheduler is located at the top of this page
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Spiritual Care Ministry/ Communion Visitation

Maureen Nelson EMAIL 231-250-5555
This ministry provides visits to those parishioners that are either homebound or unable to attend Mass due to illness but would still like to receive the Sacrament of Eucharist. Volunteers visit hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers and private residences.
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Herb Bergstrom EMAIL 616-336-6631
Dianna Robach  EMAIL 616-550-2986
Welcomes and greets people as they gather. Ushers are responsible for the specific needs of the faith community before, during, and after each liturgy. For more information please contact us. Ministry Scheduler is at the top of this page.
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Music Ministry

Director: Mary Harkema EMAIL 866-0931
If you are interested in any of our Music Ministries, we encourage you to fill out the Interest Form.


Adult Choir

Tami Hjelm EMAIL 616-540-4717
Participate in mass by using your voices to lead the congregation in worship.
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Mary Harkema EMAIL 866-0931
Previous Vocal Training and music reading skills are recommended.
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Children’s Choir

Mary Harkema EMAIL 866-0931
Children, grades 2-5, sing twice a year.
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Mary Harkema EMAIL 866-0931
Wanted: Keyboardists, Guitarists, Percussionists, Brass, Woodwind and String Players. Must be able to read music and perform proficiently.
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Prayer Ministries


Eucharistic Adoration

Parish Office Email
Adoration at Our Lady of Consolation is 24/7. There are occasions when we do repose the Blessed Sacrament because of conditions and situations that require it. Please contact Amy or the parish office (866-0931) for more information or to sign-up for a particular hour of prayer. No sign-up is required to participate.
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Knit One, Pray Too!

Kathy Cadwell EMAIL 874-6336
This ministry is for anyone who would like to come together as a group to knit prayer shawls for families who have experienced a loss or illness. If you do not know how to knit we can teach you. We provide a pattern and you supply the yarn, needles and prayers while knitting for those who will receive the shawls.

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Prayer Line (Special Intentions)

Kate & Teresa Border EMAIL 866-1327
Submit your prayer requests in our “Book of Intentions” in the commons or by contacting the ministry leadership. Please contact us if you would like to help.
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Service & Justice Ministries


Blood Drive

Tom Frasier EMAIL 616-866-3195,
Coordinated by Michigan Blood & Knights of Columbus
Our Lady of Consolation schedules a blood drive 3 times per year for Michigan Blood, an independent, nonprofit community service organization that puts Michigan hospitals first. Of course, we need blood donors but we also need donations of cookies, brownies, pies, etc. To express interest in this ministry, please complete the Interest Form.
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Building Maintenance

Shaun Bartz EMAIL 866-0931 Ext 218
This team of volunteers works under the direction of the Business Manager to maintain the interior property. Individuals who enjoy minor repair and restoration are encouraged to inquire. Duties may include maintenance, repair or other building projects as needed.
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“Circle of Caring” – Bereavement Ministry

Rose Bartlett EMAIL 866-0931
This ministry supports those in our parish who have experienced the death of a loved one. The Church calls each member of Christ’s Body—priest, deacon and layperson—to participate in the ministry of consolation: “to care for the dying, to pray for the dead, to comfort those who mourn”. Volunteers provide an active listening presence to those who would like visits and identify other needs that link them with other church ministries.
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Feeding Your Neighbors

Dianne DiCosola EMAIL 616-350-3059
Gail Johnson EMAIL 616-204-3120
Jesus said,”I was hungry and you fed Me.” Are you following Christ’s call to feed the hungry?
“Feeding your neighbor” is a new ministry at Our Lady. We are being called to feed the homeless at Heartside Ministry, on the 4th Sunday of each month. You are invited to come and share in fellowship with your “neighbor” parishioners, cooking, delivering and serving the “neighbors” at Heartside Ministry in downtown Grand Rapids.

Grounds Maintenance

Frank & Wendy Savickas EMAIL 866-9319
This team of volunteers works under the direction of the Facilities Manager to maintain the exterior property. Individuals who enjoy gardening or restoration of grounds are encouraged to inquire. Duties may include maintaining flower beds or other similar projects as needed.
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Haiti Connection

Lisa Ringler EMAIL 616-824-8353
The OLC/Haiti Connection strives to be the hands and feet of Christ in Haiti, the poorest country in our hemisphere.
They raise funds, problem solve with the priest of St. Jacques Parish, provide filters for clean water, promote education, rebuild homes, distribute clothing, food, backpacks and other useful items, run dental and medical clinics for those who do not have access to any proper health care
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Lazarus Ministry

Dianne Dicosola 884-0716
The Lazarus Ministry provides families with an opportunity to gather with friends and family after a funeral Mass. This ministry arranges for food donations as well as serving at the luncheon. To express interest in this ministry, please complete the Interest Form.
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Medical Equipment Closet

Mary Dater EMAIL 616-481-6163
The medical equipment closet is intended for Our Lady parishioners who are in need of medical items such as walkers, tub benches, shower chairs, crutches, toilet risers or wheelchairs. The supplies can be borrowed for use after a surgery or kept permanently for those with a disability. Donations are gladly accepted.
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Our Lady Giving Tree

Pilar Rice EMAIL
Take a tag from the Giving Tree in the Church Commons and purchase a needed item for local and Grand Rapids low income families and the unemployed. Held during the Advent Season following Thanksgiving. All ages are welcome to participate.
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OLC Take Them A Meal

Malia Gregory EMAIL
We support women and their families by providing meals during time of illness or crisis, after the birth of a baby, or after a death.
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Priest Dinners

Jody Shine EMAIL 616-706-8366
Help to support the good works our priests do on a daily basis by providing them with a dinner. Often our priests work well into the evening following the call of their vocation which makes it difficult for them to have healthy meals prepared at home. You can help them by providing a ready to heat/eat meal.

You can sign up by visiting:  Recipient: Russo  Password: OLC
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Parish Health Ministry

Mary Beth Readwin EMAIL 616-206-6000
The nurses of Our Lady of Consolation Parish, believe we are to use our gifts of healing as a sign of love for our Christian Parish Community. We are dedicated to Our Lady whose consolation helps us comfort God’s people.
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Respect Life

Susan Palazzolo EMAIL 616-884-5623

The Respect Life Ministry comes together to tackle the abuses of abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia in our city, country, and world.  We work together to follow the guidelines of the Diocese of Grand Rapids and the United States Council of Catholic Bishops.  We also incorporate some of the information sponsored by the local affiliate of Grand Rapids Right to Life.
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Kathleen Benton EMAIL 616-366-5983
Raise money by shopping with gift cards for everyday purchase like food, clothing and entertainment. Each scrip gift card purchase earns a rebate for Our Lady of Consolation Education Foundation. It’s the powerful “no-selling” fundraiser. Click the title link above for more information about SCRIP and the Our Lady of Consolation Education Foundation.
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Teens on a Mission

Luke Grant EMAIL 866-0931
Teens on a Mission is a week-long summer service opportunity open to high school youth and their chaperones. This program is a nine-month commitment that can be challenging but very rewarding. More than likely it will be a life changing experience. While working side by side with the poor, participants will learn how to overcome the barriers that divide us.
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Volunteer Cleaning Crew

Jean Hessler EMAIL 616-866-2392
Volunteer Cleaning Crew is comprised of volunteer ladies and men who spend 1 or more hours per week cleaning areas at OLC that are not cleaned by the professional paid cleaning company. At the present our hour is on Thursdays, from 3pm to 4pm, although volunteers often come earlier and stay later than our specified hour. This scheduled time is variable, depending on the season, the needs of the school, and special events.

We concentrate on cleaning in church: vacuuming aisles and between pews, mopping altar platform and music platform, dusting all surfaces, cleaning the tiled surface around the edge of the baptismal font, cleaning and refilling the holy water dishes, cleaning sinks, counter tops, and mopping floor in the sacristy, vacuuming rugs in the sacristy and church entrances, and straightening books and picking up litter.

We also clean all small bathrooms (across from the chapel, in the vestry, and Seton Room), mop those floors, vacuum meeting rooms, clean water fountains, wash the storage area countertops, wash all windows, vacuum gathering area entrance rugs and mop floors. We vacuum meeting rooms and dust surfaces and clean sinks.
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Leadership & Communication Ministries



Mary Harkema EMAIL 866-0931
Don’t miss your pastor’s remarks or opportunities for fellowship, faith formation, Christian service or prayer. The parish bulletin is brought to you by sponsorships from within our community who would like to serve you. It is your resource for current programming and event information. Contact the Parish Secretary to submit information for the bulletin at least 2 weeks prior to the print date.
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Finance Council

Barb Elkins EMAIL 866-8214
The Finance Council members bring their expertise into the service of parish property and managing revenues to review finances, formulate the parish/school budget and plan capital needs.
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Our Lady of Consolation Education Foundation Board

Bryan Galloway EMAIL 874-9682
Please click here to learn more about the OLC Education Foundation!
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Our Lady of Consolation School Board

Kevin Varner EMAIL
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Pastoral Council

Chris Veltkamp EMAIL 616-696-2248
The Parish Council advises the pastor of the spiritual needs, concerns, gifts and resources of the parish and develops a pastoral plan.
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Stewardship Council

Jason Decker EMAIL 616-204-0821
The Stewardship council advises the pastor regarding ministry and sacrificial giving.
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Website Support

Parish Office EMAIL 866-0931
Our website is being continuously updated to reflect current events. We welcome additional content, comments and suggestions.
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Parish Affiliates


Boy Scouts

Derek Reed EMAIL 616-901-6915
Bill Hopkins EMAIL 616-780-6168
Youth Program with the goal of training youth in responsible citizenship, character development, and self-reliance through participation in a wide range of outdoor activities, educational programs.
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Consolata Guild

Mandy McGregor EMAIL 866-0384
Sue Arends EMAIL 240-2207
The Consolata Guild was formed in 1965 to help and support the mission of evangelization of the Consolata Missionary Sisters. The purpose of the Consolata Sisters is to fulfill the command of Jesus: “Go and proclaim the Good News to all nations.” The Sisters are presently committed to this goal by ministering in several countries in Africa, Europe, South America, Asia and in the United States. To express interest in this ministry, please complete the Interest Form.
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Teresa Border EMAIL 616-406-6023

If you want an opportunity to live on holy ground for 3 days, experience true Christian Community, and learn more about Jesus and our relationship with Him, The Cursillo is a perfect opportunity for it.

Cursillo (kur-see-yo) is the Spanish word meaning “short course”. Thus Cursillo in Christianity means Short Course in Christianity. The retreat phase begins on Thursday evening and the Cursillo begins on Friday and ends on Sunday evening. During those three days, those attending live, eat and work together listening to talks given by priests, deacons, and laity. They also share the Eucharist and pray together. Any Cursillistas interested in working on a weekend please contact Teresa too.

The women’s Cursillo weekend is February 14-17, 2019
The men’s Cursillo weekend is pending.

Learn more

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Knights of Columbus

Shaun Bartz EMAIL 616-866-0931
Knights of Columbus is a fraternal benefit society, founded under the principles of charity, unity and fraternity. Assistance are offered to sick, disabled and needy members and their families. Social and intellectual fellowship is promoted among members and their families through educational, charitable, religious, social welfare, war relief and public relief works.
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The Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus

Heather Burke EMAIL
Our mission and purpose is to serve God, our parish, and community in the following ways:
• To participate in charitable and civic service opportunities.
• To assist in promoting and supporting the spiritual and social welfare of the Knights of Columbus, Bishop Richter Council #7761.
• To enhance spiritual growth and sociability among its members, our parish and community.

To support the Knights, we choose activities that align with the Catholic Church and our parish. Service areas will include aspects of community outreach, protecting our family, practicing our faith and respecting life. We put God’s love in action through service. We have fun!


North Kent Connect

Parish Office EMAIL 866-0931
Access/North Kent Connect is a non-profit organization that seeks to help families in crisis or emergency situations by supplying food, clothing and household goods. North Kent Connect is also a referral agency that provides information on acquiring emergency housing and assistance with utilities. Special collections and programs are offered throughout the year that supply their clients with school supplies, tax preparation assistance, baby layettes, holiday gifts, and holiday meals. To express interest in this ministry, please complete the Interest Form.
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