Ministry Review Form

Basic Information

Ministry Name:

Ministry Leader:



Parish Staff Liaison/Contact:

When /where do you meet?

Facilities Needs during meetings:

Ministry Purpose (what do you do?):

What are your goals for the next year:

Explain how your ministry accomplishes our parish mission:
“We actively invite people to a deeper relationship with Christ Jesus through the Eucharistic celebration.”

Explain how your ministry accomplishes our parish vision:
“Be a Christ-centered Catholic community that welcomes, serves and guides people to a life of holiness.”

How do you increase your participation/membership to your ministry?

What is your ideal demographic (type of membership you are looking for, for example Women, Men, 60+, teens, etc)

How do you advertise your ministry to the parish? (check all that apply)

If other, please specify:

How many members do you currently have?

How to do you monitor your membership and keep track of members?

Do you have a list of members that you would be able to email us?

Which category would you consider your ministry?
Liturgy & WorshipHospitalityMusicFaith FormationPrayerService & JusticeLeadershipFellowshipOther
If other, please specify:

In what ways do you feel that the parish supports your ministry?

In what ways do you wish you had additional support from the parish?

What is a “dream” you have for your ministry? Do you have a plan/idea to make this dream come true? If so, can you share it with us here?

Would you be interested in participating in a parish-wide ministry fair in the fall?
Would you be interested in helping coordinate and plan for this ministry fair?

Parish Strategies:

Please explain how your ministry focuses on each of our parish strategies.
Choose Primary Focus (these are the main focuses of your ministry),
Secondary Focus (these are additional focuses of your ministry but not the main purpose),
Not a Focus (these are not something your ministry works toward achieving at this time).
Then use the space provided to explain how your ministry accomplishes this parish strategy.

Evangelization: Evangelization that educates and prepares parishioners to better share their faith.

Stewardship: Call all parishioners to a full sharing of their time, talent and treasure for the growth of our faith community, including support for OLCEF.

Catholic Education: Demonstrate a strong commitment to Catholic education for all parishioners via the parish school and faith formation programs.

Leadership: Strengthen Christian leadership by calling forth and equipping current and future leaders in our faith community.

Liturgy: Nourish people through the sacraments and liturgy within a vibrant and prayerful worship environment.

Outreach: Raise awareness and provide opportunities for parishioners to respond to the spiritual and physical needs of people (locally, nationally, globally)

Communication: Communications plan and system that efficiently and effectively informs/ engages parishioners.

Facilities: Grow and maintains our facilities using past work, parish input and priorities

Community Building/hospitality: Building a caring parish community.

Social Justice: Social justice awareness and provide opportunities for parishioner involvement.

Additional Thoughts

Is there anything else you would like the parish to know about your ministry?