New Ministry Application

New Ministry Application

Parish Vision:
Be a Christ-centered Catholic community that welcomes, serves and guides people to a life of holiness
Parish Mission:
We actively invite people to a deeper relationship with Christ Jesus through the Eucharistic Celebration

Proposed Ministry Name:
Your Name:
Your Email:
Your Phone:

Ministry Representative:

Members planning to present:

Please explain your proposed ministry.

Questions for ministry:

1- Does the purpose of the ministry support the parish mission and vision? How?

2- Does the purpose of the ministry add value by providing physical, emotional, spiritual or social needs? Which one(s)? In what ways?

3- At what stage of spiritual development is the ministry most likely reaching individuals?

4- Who are the current members?

5- What qualities do the members demonstrate (for example: passion, commitment, compassion, persistence, integrity, flexibility, etc) How will these qualities allow the ministry to function as cooperative and inclusive of the entire parish (parish, faith formation and school)?

6-Is there adequate task distribution among members (communication, promotion, membership, execution, etc) to ensure that no one member is responsible for everything?

7- Does the ministry currently have a leadership succession plan?

8- Where does the ministry fit on the Strategic Planning Map as shown above (check all that apply)?
EvangelizationStewardshipCatholic educationLeadershipLiturgyOutreachCommunicationFacilitiesCommunity Building/HospitalitySocial Justice

Please explain, for each of the items selected, how this ministry promotes each strategy.

9- Does the purpose of the ministry overlap or compete with other ministries? How?

10- Does the purpose of the ministry compliment other active ministries or departmental goals? How?

11- What are the resource considerations of supporting this ministry? (For example: staff support, facility use, operational budget support, parish fundraisers, membership solicitation, promotional access, etc)

12- What is the proposed ministry's marketing and advertising plan?