Our Lady of Consolation Novena Day 1

Our Lady of Consolation Novena 

June 11: Day 1

  • Sign of the Cross 
  • Pray The Holy Rosary (optional)
  • Daily Novena Prayer 
  • Official Prayer to Our Lady of Consolation

Day 1 Novena Prayer

Blessed Mary, Mother of Consolation, I ask you to pray with me now as I come before
you as your child. Kindly be with me, dear Mother; guide me in your gentle way.
It was after nine days of prayer in the upper room that you, Mary, and the close friends
of Jesus received the gift of the Holy Spirit. Behold me then, most kind Mother, as I too
pray for nine days, in humble imitation of you.
Blessed Queen of heaven, you are the chosen one of our most loving Father. You are
the Blessed Mother of God, our Savior, Jesus. You are most close to His heart. Please
join your prayers to mine.
Pray with me, Mary, for these intentions, these needs that are on my mind and in my
heart. (pause)
Above all, dear Mother, keep me always as your devoted child. May I ever have before
my eyes your beautiful example of acceptance of the will of the Father. May I ever
strive to hold in my heart the teaching of your most blessed Son, my Lord Jesus Christ.

Prayer to Our Lady of Consolation

Our Lady of Consolation, by the work of the Holy Spirit, you became the Mother of our
Redeemer and adhered fully to the will of God the Father. Now you are exalted above
all creatures.
We trust in your motherly intercession because you are our patroness. Aware of our

weaknesses, we beg you to obtain for us God’s consolation, so that pride may not over-
come us and through the anxieties of life, confidence and peace may grow in us.

By your wise and docile, simple and pure, strong and vigilant Heart, obtain for us the
comfort of the Holy Spirit, especially when suffering falls upon us and there seems to be
no hope.
You show your concern for the good of each one of your sons and daughters. Enable
us to recognize those who are suffering or are in need and help us to give them
Most sweet Mother, you bring Jesus to us and direct us to Him; open our hearts to His
Word, so that our daily life may welcome it, meditate it, and be guided by it. So that one
day we may join you in heaven, there with your Son in glory. Amen.