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At OLC Catholic School we are blessed with active, involved parents that help to create a caring, dynamic learning environment. We have multiple opportunities for parents to get involved in their childrens education, either at the classroom level or at a school-wide level, as well as in our atheletics program and fund raising efforts. Please read the descriptions below to gather a better understanding of the different organizations here at OLC and prayerfully consider where you would like to help out.

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School Board

The purpose of the OLC School Board is to serve as a consultative body that assists the principal and pastor of Our Lady of Consolation in fulfilling the mission of the school.

Specific duties of the board may include:
Long-term strategic planning
Collaborate on the annual school budget
Coordinate principal’s annual evaluation
Consult of facilities management issues
Provide a forum of communication for parents and the school
Serve on committees

The board consists with no less than seven and no more than nine members. Each board member shall serve a term of three years.

If you are interested in learning more about the board, contact the principal or any current board member.

Parent Association

The Parents Association functions under the OLC School Board. Through subcommittees of this organization, volunteers are sought to assist in activities of the association. The Parents Association is an essential part of Our Lady of Consolation School, with the purpose to bring about a closer cooperation between parent and school. It provides assistance to the school in a variety of ways.

The objectives of the Parents Association are:
To advance the religious and educational welfare of all children in the parish community through efforts of parents and teachers,
To promote an interest in educational matters and understanding of the mutual responsibilities of parents and teachers in education.
To provide steady communication between school and home.
To encourage high standard of family living.
To enhance the spirituality of all members.
To make a positive impact on our parish community as a whole.

The Parents Association meets four times a year: August, November, February, and May.
At least one parent is expected to attend every meeting.


Our Lady of Consolation School welcomes volunteers as an important part of our philosophy that we are partners in education. The school is aware of the support and positive commitment that volunteers contribute to the educational goals we strive to achieve. A Volunteer Booklet will be distributed at the onset of the school year. Please consider where you can help and register as appropriate.

ALL volunteers must complete the following before volunteering at OLC School:

Volunteer Application
Criminal Background
Virtus Training – Protecting God’s Children
Standards of Ministerial Behavior