Leadership & Communications


Don’t miss your pastor’s remarks or opportunities for fellowship, faith formation, Christian service or prayer. The parish bulletin is brought...

Finance Council

The Finance Council members bring their expertise into the service of parish property and managing revenues to review finances, formulate...

Our Lady of Consolation Education Foundation Board

Please click here to learn more about the OLC Education Foundation! Upcoming meetings: 7/27/23 10/26/23 1/25/24 4/25/24 5/30/24 7/25/24

Our Lady of Consolation School Board

Tim Warwick


The purpose of the School Board is to serve as a consultative body that assists the Principal and Pastor in...

Pastoral Council

Steve Dater


The Parish Council advises the pastor of the spiritual needs, concerns, gifts and resources of the parish and develops a...

Stewardship Committee

Dave Skorupski


The Stewardship Committee advises the pastor regarding ministry and the parish community. Stewardship Committee reflects on the work of discipleship,...

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