Dogs for Dollars

Download the file below and present the voucher on top at the Corner Bar of December 6!

Initial Pledge and Pledge Submission

Click the form below to submit your pledge card for Fr. Loc’s Hot Dog Challenge. You will fill out your contact information and the monetary amount you promise to pledge per hot dog. All pledges benefit the Our Lady of Consolation Faith Formation Program.

Initial Pledge

Complete this form BEFORE December 6. This is your promise to make your pledge.
this amount multiplied by the amount of hot dogs eaten by Fr. Loc = total amount you promise to pledge. (E.X. You pledge $5 per hot dog, Fr. Loc ate 12 hot dogs: 5x12=60. Your total pledge is $60)

Pledge Submission Card

AFTER the event, download and print this card to submit your pledge.

Please turn in your full pledge amount with the physical card found below. Pledges may be dropped off at the parish office or placed in the offertory basket the weekend of December 11/12. Make check payable to OLC Parish with “Hot Dog Challenge” in the memo line.All pledges are due by December 12.