The Seven Sacraments of the Church

7 sacraments final

The catechism defines a sacrament as “an inward and invisible sign of an outward and spiritual grace given unto us, ordained by Christ himself, as a means whereby we receive the same, and a pledge to assure us thereof”. They are instituted by Christ as outward expressions of God’s love for His people. Their purpose is to make people holy, to build up the body of Christ, and finally, to give worship to God.

The Sacraments of Initiation
Baptism, Confirmation & The Eucharist

The Sacraments of Healing
Reconciliation & Anointing of the Sick

The Sacraments of Vocation
Matrimony & Holy Orders


To understand these Sacraments a little more, please watch these videos:

Holy Orders
Anointing of the Sick