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A message from your Art Teacher

Dear Parents,
I have a very minimal budget that has already be exhausted for this years school year. I am sharing my Wishlist for OLC, in hopes that maybe someone will be able to help with some supplies needed . This is the whole list, but I have highlighted the NEED below. 
Thank you for your help!!
I have an amazon wish list which has all of my dream supplies on it for OLC 
 My highest priority are:
  • Kwik Stix -12 Classic Colors, (8) 12 pks 
  • Assorted color Sharpie markers (1) 24pk 
  • Black Sharpie markers (2) 12 pks. 
  • The Crayola white air dry clay would be amazing as well. Several of the 5lb sizes 

Art Teacher – Our Lady of Consolation, Rockford