Seeing Clearly 2020 Parish Update

Seeing Clearly 2020
Parish Census Update

Dear Registered Parishioner, 

Our parish has grown considerably since we were first founded as a mission parish by the Consolata Missionary Sisters in 1964.  Our official parish register listed only 60 families at that time.  Our parish record now shows that we have 1770 registered families.  But sadly, we do not have much confidence in that number.

As they grow and new opportunities arise, families sometimes move to parishes to be closer to those new opportunities.  Unfortunately, it is often forgotten that they must also update our current parish that we have moved. We believe that there may be families who are still currently registered with our parish, but have left our parish over the years.

Many people don’t know how important our parish registration is.  Did you know that we use our registration numbers when reviewing our annual budget?  The number of parishioners plays a large role in many costs associated with our parish.  For example, Faith Magazine subscriptions, offertory envelopes mailed to homes, parish-wide letters and postcards, just to name a few.

In order to have a more accurate number and be able to communicate with you more effectively we need to update our parish registration and census.  We are planning on updating our parish records in a very dramatic way over the next few months, but we need your help.

Below this letter you will find our “Seeing Clearly 2020 Update” plan.  We are asking for your help in getting this completed as quickly as possible in order to save on costs and repetitive letters coming to your home.

We ask everyone to update ALL information.  This will allow us to verify that the information we have is accurate and we will not have to guess who is our parishioner.  Once your information is received, it will be updated in our records and you will be marked “validated”.  On December 31, 2020, any “account” that has not been “validated” will be adjusted to inactive and they will no longer be considered a “registered parishioner”.

Thank you so much for your prompt attention to our update.  We very much appreciate your help!   

God Bless,   

Fr. Tony Russo 


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