Special Intentions

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Prayer Requests:

02/16- Urgent Prayer: Ed Ladwig

02/10- Urgent Prayer: Dick Goddard

02/02- Emergency Prayer: Dave Kronstain

01/31- Emergency Prayer: Jerry Berg

01/31- Prayer: John Barwacz, Sophia, Mark Rempalski, Therese Valentin, Julie Z, Kathy Sweeney

01/25- Urgent Prayer: Sophia

01/24- Emergency Prayer: Therese Valentin

01/24- Emergency Prayer: Julie Z

1/17- General Prayer: For all those seeking healing from priest sexual abuse

1/17- Eilaine

1/10- General Prayer: Liliana Golub

1/8-Emergency Prayer: Thelma Hemmerly

1/5- Emergency Prayer: David

1/4- Urgent Prayer: Spencer Pletzke

1/3-Emergency Prayer: Polly

12/30- Urgent Prayer: Scott

12/10- Urgent Prayer: Kay Welch

12/2- Emergency Prayer: Mike Hall; Nancy

11/30- Urgent Prayer: Mary Jo Pletzke

11/19- Urgent Prayer: Josie Snoeyink

11/16-Emergency Prayer: Victor Pitch

10/12- Urgent Prayer: Mary Callum McRell

10/12- Urgent Prayer: Roy Taylor

10/2- Emergency Prayer: Paxton

09/11- Urgent Prayer: Joe Hill

09/08- Urgent Prayer: Tina Simmons

09/06- General Prayer: Barb Ottenwess

If you have an urgent prayer request please contact Teresa Border prayerline@olcparish.net or (616) 866-1327.

OLC PRAYERLINE LIST for Feb. 21-28, 2020

Prayers for Pope Francis, Bishop David Walkowiak
Prayers for all our Priests and Deacons, especially Fr. Tony, Fr. Andrew, & Deacons Jim &John
For vocations, all our Diocesan Seminarians, especially Logan Weber & all religious who serve the church faithfully every day
Prayers for all persons listed in our parish book of intentions, those who are in nursing homes, hospitals, or homebound, and those who take care of them
Prayers for our military, police and firefighters and their safe return to their homes
Prayers for world peace and justice, the Holy souls in Purgatory, and the needs of our growing parish family
Prayers for Holy Family Catholic Radio in Grand Rapids (1140 AM)
Continuing prayers for: Joyce Harkema; Cindy J; John Heth; Jeff Heth; Shannon DeYoung; Gwennan; Spencer Pletzke; Kenneth; Fr. Dennis Morrow; Isabella VanOrman; Dana Hemple; Lois Wetzel; Amy Sobie; James Newsome; Ed Derby; Elaine; Mike Pierce; Amanda Gilman; Sharon Heethuis; Annie; Jason Reed; Sally Krahn; Mark Rempalski; John Barwacz; Coach Bob Misner; Therese Valentin; Kathy Sweeney; For all those seeking healing from priest sexual abuse;
Urgent prayers for: Natalie Groh;
Prayers for: Dick Goddard; Ed Ladwig; Maude Gyrka

Book of Intentions

Michael Ahern, Evan Anderson, Sharon Anderson, Bill Arnold, George Barnes, Barbara Basel, Margaret Bekema, Richard Bird, Tom Blackford, Judy Bonzheim, Evelyn Brink, Julie Burch, Robert Burns, Terry Caniff, Paula Carpenter, Larry Centille, Karl Chapman, Marshall Chavez, Neil Chavez, Sheri Chavez, Larry Chrisman, Bruce Clarke, Ella Coleman, Maryann Coon, Steven Coon, Larry Cunningham, Taylor Cunningham, Cathy Decker, Kyle Dedert, Barb DeYonker, Kyler Despres, Alexa Dill, Bill Dirkmaat, Gabrielle Dopkiss, Donna Dunaven, Grace Englehart, Lucille Ferenc, Abby Flanders Mary Gee, Patricia Gee, Thomas Gee, Emily Giroux, Barb Graham, Deb Gryka, Lauren Gryka, Christine Guile, Barbara Guliemi, Joe Haik, Marji Harkema, Caleb Harrison, Barry Harrold, Mary Hart, John Harville, Daniel Hehrer, Carrie Helfrich, Donald Hendrickson, Justin Hogan, Karen Hogan, Steve Holding, Mary Hurt, Shane Ingraham, Brenda and Gabby Johnson, P. Johnson, Charlotte Judson, Marie and Bob Justice, Joe Kammers, Lily Kampf, Kelly Kevill, Flora Kles, Ted Kneibel, Eldon Korson, Mary Elizabeth Koziol, Sara Krygier, Richard Kuhn, Mark Kunish, Esther Lakowicz, Donald Love, Ken Luttermoser Stella Macedo, Leonard Marcinkus, Amanda Markee, Deb Marshall, Eric Marshall, Mary Marsiglia, Rick and Karen Matthews, Mary Lou Mawby, Andrew Mazzoli, Charlie McCormick, The McMahon Family, Patrick Middleton, Jennifer Milan, Louis Milewski, Edith Miller, Joseph Miller, Donna Moeller, Clarence Monroe, McKenna Moulds, Janeen Mourer, Judy Myers, Ruth Novak, Steve O’Brien, Cheri Olszewski, Norine Osbun, Kelly Pabich, Marcia Page, Laureen Parks, Josh Patterson, Mitchell Peterson, Lori Phillips, Jane Pizzo, Kyle and Spencer Pletzke, Nan Potrafke, Evan Pung, Delores Quinn, Bonnie Rewa, Jason Richard, Don Robach, Sam Russo Dan Saganski, Garlyn Saleski, Bob Scheidel Jr., Frances Schrum, Renee Scogg, Bob Sedrowski, Dave Segard, Bernie Shaltz, Leona Shortridge, Paul Shupe, Ava Siciliano, Gabriel Smith, Kimberly Smith, Linda Smith, Lisa Sobie, Steve and Kim Sorrelle, Patti Speith, Aldona Springer, Mary Stepanovich, Melinda Stouffer, The Sturm Family, Terri Taylor, Pat TerMeer, Carol Theisen, Patty Tolly, Maddie Tomasko, Sophie Topouzglou, Mike Travis, Sue Travis, Marianne Turner, Agnes Tyrell, Paul Valachovics, Therese Valentin, Jim Visser, Edward Vogt, Irma Vogt, Cindy Watrous, Caleb Weersma, Al Williams, Jack Wyatt, Bob York