St. Joseph Consecration Parish Update

St. Joseph Consecration Parish Update

We hope that everyone currently doing the consecration is growing spiritually and experiencing the joys of our Spiritual Father, St. Joseph. If you are not currently doing to the consecration this time around, we hope that you will join us for the second group that begins on March 30. If you are wondering what this is all about or how other people are enjoying it, please read the testimonials we have gotten bellow. 

When signing up, please be sure to SCROLL DOWN to the group called Feast of St. Joseph the Worker that starts on March 30. 

We are not planning to coordinate additional groups after the this next one, however, we will continue to support parishioners that choose to do this later in the year. You can also choose to consecrate on a Marian feast day. Alternatively, if you begin on any Saturday you will consecrate on a Wednesday, the day dedicated to St. Joseph. 

Solemnity of St. Joseph 

Friday, March 19

If you are planning to join us for either of the Solemnity of St. Joseph Masses, please take a moment to register today.


This has been a wonderful journey for me. I have learned so much about St. Joseph. I did my readings and prayers each morning. This has become a great part of my daily routine; I plan to continue this each morning. My days are better after 30 minutes of reading and prayer. I purchased a statue of St. Joseph which I have in my home office; this is such a comfort for me. This journey has inspired me to be an adorer in the adoration chapel weekly. I started this past week; what a great experience. I am so glad I decided to consecrate to St. Joseph; I need him as my spiritual father. I hope to become a better version of myself by resembling him. I need his protection and guidance. I trust St. Joseph to care for me spiritually and to lead me to God.  

 Thank you Fr. Tony and Our Lady of Consolation, 

Marcey Bowhuis 

Participating in the Consecration to Saint Joseph provided so much information.  I now have a saint I know on a personal level that I can turn to in times of trouble.   Saint Joseph is there to protect and guide our families in these uncertain times.  It only takes a few minutes each day to bring peace, comfort and Saint Joseph into your life.  

Kathy Scudder

I wish I could tell you that some large miracle happened because I’ve been praying every day, but it has been a number of small miracles that have absolutely changed my heart.  The pandemic put a halt to my prayer life.  I was only praying when I needed something.  St. Joseph has been very important to me, and I was excited to get the chance to consecrate myself to him.  When I was a single mother, I often prayed for his intercession in providing for my children.  When I was ready to find a husband, I prayed for his intercession to find someone like him for my children.  As life started standing still, Mass became televised, and more than one relative died without a goodbye from me or a funeral, I began to become resentful and scared.  

Participating in this consecration has enabled me to not only learn more about Joseph, but my prayer life is on fire!  I pray now in the morning and at night at set times.  This was something I didn’t do in the past because of several excuses (read: laziness).  I am not in a small group, but I have been transformed into a more faithful, patient, loving person.  I do not dread my time with God and Joseph.  I wish I could participate in the Consecration Mass on the 19th, but I am visiting a new nephew born in February.  Know that I am praying for everyone who is participating!  Thank you! 

Krissi Brott

I have been thinking about what the Consecration to St Joseph has meant to me and a few thoughts have come to mind.  

 1) During the Consecration I feel as I have been able to connect many dots in my Faith. There were many things I knew but learning more about St Joseph, it really started becoming more of a bigger picture and I started understanding the whole dynamic of the Holy Family better. 

 2) During the Consecration I have had many “Ah ha” moments. I have learned so many little things that I have never thought about before, for example, why St Joseph is referred to as a “foster” father vs a step father. 

It has been a very enlightening experience for me and I am glad to be part of it.  

Heather Burke 

I grew up in a Catholic household and went to Catholic School, in fact St. Joseph Catholic school in Wisconsin.  My understanding of St. Joseph the person at that time was limited to his being the husband of Mary and the foster-father of Jesus.  


During the past few weeks I have learned more about this saint than anytime during my Catholic life and, because of this consecration journey, I have grown in my relationship not only with St. Joseph, but with the Holy Family as well. 


I am blessed and honored to be able to call him my spiritual father and to begin to know him in such an intimate way. 


With God, timing is everything and it is more than fortuitous that during this time of great uncertainty and crisis in our world, this study of St. Joseph is offered. It is a miraculous event and it has forever changed my spiritual life.    

Joni Harp   

We encourage more parishioners to go through the Consecration to St Joseph program that Fr. Tony Russo suggested we all do when Pope Francis announced this would be the year of St. Joseph. We are almost finished with the book and videos and look forward to being consecrated to St. Joseph. We have learned so much in this short period. The book, written by Fr. Don Calloway, is easy to read and by adding the videos each night, there is so much more explanation. Some may only have time to read the readings at night, but we look forward to the videos. We love the passion and the knowledge that Fr. Calloway has for St. Joseph and wanting all of us to be more like Joseph. Each night brings you to a different understanding of St. Joseph and closer to loving what he means to all of us. Fr. Calloway feels strongly, as we know Fr. Tony does, that at this time of chaos and cultural changes in our country and in our Church, we need to look to the virtues of St. Joseph to get us back on track. Fr. Calloway’s words in the video give light to how this can happen. We thank Fr. Tony for his vision in suggesting that we do this Consecration. 

Duane and Maureen Nelson

Additional Resource

Last year Fr. Calloway did a series of videos that compliment the Consecration to St. Joseph book we are all reading. If you would like to access his YouTube videos please use the link below. You could watch these before, during, or after your consecration. The link begins on Day 1, but you can bounce around to other days to hear his talk about that topic as well.