To Live Our Faith Parish Mission

A parish mission is a major event in the life of the parish!

It means there will be a series of presentations throughout the week, given by John Schweisthal, that will help bring our parish together and steer us down a united path leading us all closer to heaven!

This year’s Our Lady of Consolation Parish Mission is:
To Live Our Faith- “Comfort the Afflicted and Afflict the Comfortable”
We will do this by learning about and indulging ourselves in the beatitudes and the Gospel of Matthew Chapters 5-7.
Our Speaker, 
John Schweisthal, started as a full time Roman Catholic lay evangelist on Novemeber 6th, 1989.  He has conducted over 600+ parish missions over the last 30 years.  His travels have taken him from Ireland to Hawaii, and from the jungles of Central America to Canada covering over 2,500,000 miles. After 30 years, this mission at Our Lady of Consolation will be John’s final parish mission as he will go from a full-time lay evangelist to a full-time retired lay evangelist.

We are inviting everyone in this parish to attend! All family and friends are encouraged to join Our Lady in this parish mission as we come together to reflect upon God’s word, renew our faith, and pray with open hearts and hands.
Presentations will be:
Sunday, Dec. 8

Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday, Dec. 9, 10, & 11
10:00am – about the Beatitudes
7:00pm – about the Gospel of Matthew chp 5,6, & 7

Each presentation will be it’s own unique experience. We invite and look forward to seeing you at each demonstration!