Tribute To Life- Funeral Planning

John 11:25 states, “Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life.  The one who believes in me will live, even though they die;”.  This is the reason we refer to our funeral planning as a Tribute to Life.  Through our careful and Christian Preparation in our end of days in this life we better prepare ourselves for the Eternal Life that Christ purchased for us with His death.

Our Lady of Consolation offers a two part workshop series called Tribute to Life in the Spring and Fall for our parishioners.  At these workshops you are able to ask specific questions you may have about the funeral liturgy, Christian Moral situations and legal issues.  These workshops are presented by an attorney of our parish, Deacon Jim Hessler, and Mary Harkema (Director of Music and Worship).

Below you will find several documents that are provided for you, free of charge, during the workshop series.

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Document and Resource Links

Liturgy Planning

Financial and Legal Planning

Liturgy Planning

Did you know that you are able to plan your entire funeral liturgy long before you will ever need it?  You can also make changes at any time if your wishes change.  In this section you will find information about selecting readings, music, and visitations.

There are three parts of every Catholic funeral; the visitation/vigil, the Mass & the cemetery.  Each portion serves a specific purpose and is strongly recommended that all three take place to allow your family to properly grieve.

Part 1: The Visitation/ Vigil

The visitation/vigil is traditionally held the night before the funeral Mass, however you can have it at anytime before the Mass.  Visitations and vigils can be held with the body in repose, with the cremains or with no corpus.  A visitation and a vigil vary slightly.  A visitation is not a prayer or scripture service.  The vigil is centered around prayer.

A visitation can have a eulogy, secular music, really anything that would celebrate your life in the way that you want it to.  A vigil has some sort of prayer involved.  This could be saying the rosary, or reading special scripture passages, or a candle lighting ceremony.  A vigil can also include everything that the visitation offers as well.

Part 2: The Funeral Mass (Rite of Christian Burial)

The funeral Mass has slightly more restrictions on it because of the importance of the divine nature it represents.  In the links above, you will be able to see a selection of traditional readings & music, however you are NOT limited to those listed.  You are welcome to choose Scripture and Song that best defines your personal walk with Christ.

Traditionally, we do not allow eulogies to be said during the funeral Mass.

Part 3: The Cemetery

The Rite of Committal is the Catholic interment service, at which the body is finally buried or interred. The Rite of Committal may take place at a gravesite, mausoleum crypt or tomb, or columbarium (in the event that the body was cremated). Family and friends gather together with a priest or deacon to pray over the body one last time. In order to make the burial or interment site a sacred place for the deceased, the priest or deacon will bless the place before the body or remains are placed inside. After the site has been blessed, the body or remains will be committed to the earth. The priest or deacon will then recite more prayers, and then everyone will join in to say the Lord’s Prayer.