Welcome Home Update

Please watch this short video to help you get a better feeling of what your current Mass experience will be like.

Welcome Home FAQ

I didn’t order enough reservations, should I cancel my order and order again?
No, you do not need to cancel your order. Just register for more seats.

How do I register for Mass?

Please click the “Mass Sign Up” button above and follow the prompts.

Will Masks be required at Mass?

Yes, masks will be required at Mass per the directives received from Bishop Walkowiak.

Do I need to bring my ticket/reservation to Mass?

No, you do not need to bring anything. You will be asked your name at the door.

If we do not normally have many people attend a daily Mass, why are we being required to have tickets/reservation?

In order to guarantee we remain under the occupancy limit, all public Masses will require a reservation. As things progress and we see how many people attend Mass we may remove this requirement for daily Mass.

Will there be a digital worship aid that is sent for each Mass to use on our phones?

We do not have plans at this time to have a digital worship aid that will be sent to parishioners. Alternatively, we are working on a digital projection that will occur during Mass for those who are able to gather in person.

Is there any change in our Gluten Free host protocol?

Yes. New procedure is as follows:
-Let the Sacristan know you need a GF host (will be by the sacristy)
-Sacristan will place needed amount in silver patten at credence table
-GF family should sit in the first available pew following the lector seating
-GF family will be the first to receive communion from that line
-When you approach the “Mask removal station” state “Gluten Free” before removing Mask

Can we bring a pyx and bring communion to the inbound?
At this time, the directives from Bishop Walkowiak prohibit the distribution of Communion to the home-bound unless it is part of the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick for Viaticum (at death). As soon as we are able to allow this, we will let the parish know.

Pentecost Vigil Mass

Just for everyone’s information, Mass on Saturday evening will be a very solemn event. We are introducing to everyone what is called “The Pentecost Vigil.” This involves a few more readings from the Old Testament and Psalms with responses. There will be six readings in all including the Gospel. Also at this Mass, we will baptize and confirm Zach Fettes, our Catechumen. Because of these additions, Mass will go a little longer, but it will be beautiful. Fr. Andrew promises to keep his homily short! We encourage everyone to at least watch Zach’s Baptism so that you can congratulate him when you see him.

We will also be live streaming this Mass on Facebook.