Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

A Golden Thread

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) inspires a faith community to collaborate. Like a golden thread that weaves our spiritual gifts and parish resources together toward a common good. Case and point, our OLC School and Faith Formation Ministry collaborated to establish a permanent CGS Level I Atrium in the Education Wing, room #315. A permanent space ensures that all children, three years through first grade, will have access to this unique method of catechesis. A grant from the OLC Education Foundation helped to purchase atrium furniture, CGS materials, and host a Level I formation course to certify OLC catechists.

An Introduction to CGS

Coordinator: Donna Phillips | | 616 866-2577 ext.212

What is an Atrium?

The CGS Atrium is a prayerful space that draws the child to a sacred and serene silence. Trained catechists recongize that a relationship between God and the child already exists. They assist the child to enjoy that relationship. Using Montessori methods and age appropriate materials, the child builds a relationship of love that will last a lifetime. 

The defined spaces of the Atrium invites the child to develop a love of work, self-discipline, and joy. The prayer corner is an invitation to listen, wonder, and dialogue. Practical life materials are tactile and help the child to concentrate. A skill needed to meditate on Scripture. Artwork is a prayerful response. Liturgy introduces the articles and gestures of the mass. Biblical geography identifies the places and events of Jesus’ life. The parables invite the child to ponder on the Kingdom of God. 

CGS Builds Community 

The Level I Atrium serves children 3 years old through first grade. The Level II Atrium serves children 3rd through 5th grade. All CGS materials follow a three-year cycle to nurture the spiritual growth of a multi-aged environment. CGS materials also center on the liturgical seasons of the Catholic church to highlight the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Christ. Montessori grace and courtesy lessons empower the child to interact peacefully, respectfully, and independently in the Atrium. Children experience and value belonging to a community centered on Christ and His church; the Catholic church. 

CGS Sessions Available for 2023-2024:



CGS Adaptive

This is a new program being offered for students with higher needs or disabilities in 1st – 5th grade. Space is limited.

Our Faith Formation team works with each family to identify the best and most appropriate opportunity for  their child. We provide weekly instruction, resources, and materials that your child may need in the classroom, at home, or as a one-on-one session. No child is denied. We work with everyone based on their abilities! 



CGS Level 1



CGS Level 1


CGS Level 2