SCRIP Fundraising

No-Selling, Everyday Fundraising

Traditional fundraisers like bake sales or auctions can provide a significant, one-time boost to your nonprofit organization’s funding. They can be effective, but they also take a lot of time and effort. Product fundraisers are popular too, but you can only ask parents to sell cookie dough or wrapping paper so many times per year.

Scrip fundraising is different.

A scrip program gives members of your organization the power to fundraise all the time, without doing anything more than using scrip gift cards to pay for their everyday shopping. They don’t have to spend money on things they don’t need, make room to organize events in their busy schedules, or sell to friends and relatives.

How Scrip Makes Fundraising Easy

When families in your organization place orders for scrip, they pay full face value for the gift cards.

So if someone orders a $100 gift card for The Home Depot, they’re paying you $100 and getting the full value of what they paid. Now, when your organization places an order with us, you pay less than the full face value for cards (2 – 13% less, depending on the retailer). The Home Depot, for example, offers a 4% rebate, so your organization pays $96 for that $100 gift card. What happens to that $4 difference? It’s awarded to your program as a rebate!

The OLC Education Foundation purchases gift cards at a discount and sells them at face value. The rebates earned go to the Education Foundation. Families participating in the Scrip program can choose to designate up to 50% of rebates they earn toward OLC Preschool tuition, K-8 registration and curriculum fees, or Secondary Catholic School tuition (West Catholic or Catholic Central).
The OLC Education Foundation Scrip Program is run by volunteers.

Order Online

To obtain our enrollment code, please contact Kathleen Benton

Create an account. It only takes two minutes.

Orders are placed on Monday morning by 9:00AM and are ready for pick up on Thursday from the OLC School Office or the Parish Office during school hours.

First you can print a downloadable order form here. Hard copy forms are also available on the Welcome Table, in the literature racks outside the Guadalupe Room, Parish, School and Faith Formation offices.

Fill out the order form and submit to the School Office, preferable with your cash or check payment (checks made payable to OLCEF) by 9:00AM Monday.

You may also submit your forms with payment in the Parish office, the Faith Formation office or through the collection basket. (Please place your order form and payment in a sealed envelope labeled “SCRIP”

For more information contact the Scrip Program Coordinator:
Kathleen Benton Email Kathleen or call the School or Parish Offices

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