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Founding Families

The Pride invites all past OLC students, staff, parents, and volunteers – anyone who has walked the halls of Our Lady of Consolation School.  The Pride is an organization geared towards strengthening the relationship between the past, present, and future Our Lady of Consolation School community.   It was created out of a strong desire of former students, parents, and staff to stay connected with OLC School and to provide ongoing support.

We hope you will join The Pride and support the efforts of OLC School.  We need our exceptionally talented, diverse alumni, staff, families, and volunteers to help us move OLC School forward.  To register for The Pride, please go to the following link below: The Pride Sign Up.   Please know that we will not share your contact information with organizations/individuals outside of Our Lady of Consolation nor to other members of The Pride.

Past & present staff
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As a member of The Pride, you will receive updates on the current happenings of OLC School, invites to various events, as well as opportunities to reconnect with other members of The Pride.  We will also let you know of the various opportunities to give of your time, talent, treasure and/or prayers.

Please check out the links below regarding how you can support OLC school and stay connected with other members of The Pride.  If you have any questions or would like to update your contact information, please feel free to contact us by email here.

OLC School Student Alumni

Let’s stay connected!!

Kevin Varner,
OLC Principal

Tom Teklinski and Julie Birkeland
The Pride Co-Chairs

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We want to hear from you!!! We would like to hear how you want to stay connected to OLC School and any suggestions you may have.

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This networking directory is intended to allow any member of our alumni to contact one another.  We believe that this community connection (this Communion, if you will) is integral to the continuation and growth of our Catholic faith.  All information you complete on this form will be automatically available for public viewing through our parish and school website.  Please leave any field on this form empty if you do not wish to share that information with others.  If you wish to be able to make instant edits to your submission in the future, click “Edit Response” when finished and please copy the URL for that page and save it in a safe place.  (If you are unsure how to do this, please click here for a short video.

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Where Are We Now?

Do you want to share an update with us?  Let us know what you are doing now and share some memories from when you were at OLC School.  We encourage you to share a current photo as well!

Click Here to complete the worksheet or if you would like to send us an email instead, please email us at and include a photo as an attachment.

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What does OLC School need from us?  Please visit our Current Needs page to learn more.