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OLC Auction (Overview)

Good Afternoon OLC School Families, 

We have one heck of an amazing community here at OLC! We are extremely grateful for all families who helped make the OLC Auction a success! Those who sponsored, donated auction items, volunteered and prayed for the event. We are so blessed to announce that over $115,000 was raised!  Fr. Dominic & Mr. Varner will be slimed on the last day of school, OLC will have a 1/2 day on Friday, May 24th and OLC will provide all students w/ lunch on Field Day.  Amy is  working to connect (via email) all Live and Silent Auction winners with the appropriate contact, in order to make arrangements for winning prizes. 

Please note: this total above includes all income from auction sponsorships and ticket sales, anonymous monetary donations, everything raised at the actual OLC Auction and everything raised during the OLC Week of Awesomeness. We are currently working on finalizing a few invoices, but can project that income after ALL expenses will be over $75,000, which goes directly to OLC School. Did you know that an “OLC School Annual Report” is currently in process? Please reach out with any questions or concerns!

Last, but not least….please enjoy and share our new “OLC School Marketing Video”! Please help us spread the Word! We are still accepting students for the 2024-25 school year & 2024 summer care.

P.S. – Here is a very special video from Demetrios Troy (aka – Lazarus from “The Chosen”), which was supposed to kick off the Live Auction. Word on the street is that Demetrios is hoping to join us in-person for the “OLC Gala”, to be held on Saturday, October 19, 2024 (Thousand Oaks Country Club). More details coming soon! (Thank you Nick Sweeney for working on these arrangements).