Special Intentions

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Prayer Requests:

Emergency Prayer Requests

  • Karen Matthews
  • Grace, Mary Ann & Kenny Gilley
  • Steve Burke
  • Georgina Bahamonde
  • Jacob Hooker
  • Spencer Pletzkei

Weekly Mass Intentions

  • †LaVena “Sue” Travis
  • †Leo Devarenne
  • †Pat Birkeland
  • †Sharon Luce
  • †Pat Thome
  • †Ben Green
  • †Julie Buehler
  • †Delores Cormier
  • †Henry Tanski
  • †Tom Turoski
  • †Brenda Anderson
  • †Joan & †Ken Faulkner
  • †Mary Gordon
  • †Karen Fought

Weekly Prayer Chain

OLC PRAYERLINE LIST for September 17-24, 2021  

Prayers for Pope Francis, Bishop David Walkowiak   

Prayers for all our Priests and Deacons, especially Fr. Dominic, and Fr. Loc, Deacon Jim,

For vocations, all our Diocesan Seminarians & all religious who serve the church faithfully every day

Prayers for all persons listed in our parish book of intentions, those who are in nursing homes, hospitals, or homebound, and those who take care of them   

Prayers for our military, police and firefighters and their safe return to their homes   

Prayers for world peace and justice, the Holy souls in Purgatory, and the needs of our growing parish family   

Prayers for Holy Family Catholic Radio in Grand Rapids (1140 AM) 

Continuing prayers for:Cindy J; Shannon DeYoung; Spencer Pletzke; Kenneth; Isabella VanOrman; Dana Hemple; Amy Sobie; James Newsome; Ed Derby; Sally Krahn; for all those seeking healing from priest sexual abuse; for those affected by coronavirus; John Heth; Jeff Heth; Colleen Bowman; Ray Eby; Rich Fuller; Wendy; Judy Steele; Sharon Gray; Lori; Ryan Harrison; Heather; Pat; Jason Grostick; Carrie Myntti; Christian Galloway; Dan L; Alex Powderly; Jeanine Walker; Michael Tyler; Jack Deashun; Dawn Cadwell; Brandi B; Helen Billy and family; Patrick LaLonde; Roberta Shripka; Sue Karasiewicz; Sue O’Connor Newman; Heather; Ashley; Sharon Supp; Robyn Scott; Ignatius Jude Everitt; Cynthia VanOrman; Rick Matthews; 

Prayers for: Betty Basel, mother of Jeanne Haenish-Messinger; LT Col David Girardot; John P; 

If you have an urgent prayer request please contact Teresa Border prayerline@olcparish.net or (616) 866-1327.